Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Guy Reflects

I've decided to post generally about my thoughts about the season and the Women Tell All.  Although, I have to confess that I could not bring myself to endure the entire show.  Between my honky tonk schedule and my work schedule, time has been less abundant than the available electorate in Arlington, Iowa this week. 
I'll be posting late this evening so you'll all have a time killer to enjoy at work on Thursday.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions, or requests for the post, please send them to me in the Comments section below and I'll do my Some Guy best to incorporate them into the post. 
Enjoy your Hump Day--and by that I mean Wednesday, not the Fantasy Suite episode. 


  1. Something I'd love to see addressed and can't find any comment on anywhere on the Internet. RE this clip of Chris on The Ellen D. Show - what does he mean when he says (in the crosstalk at 2:20) about Whitney that "she looks like a mother...she is a mother"???

  2. I want to know your thoughts on Britt and Kelsey. Also, why didn't Jillian punch Chris Harrison when he whistled at her to shut her up? Why is that allowed?
    Will you read his novel?

  3. I want to know if there are any points you and Mrs. Some Guy disagree on, ie.does she consider Jade's Playboy photos a mistake, did Chris kiss too many girls, etc.

  4. I can't believe Chris Harrison wrote a book. Too bad it's a work of fiction and not a juicy tell-all about his behind the scenes gossip and the chicks he has in every port. Now THAT I would read. I love when you mention Harrison's (imagined) off-camera activities.
    Love your blog!
    Kate in PA

  5. How about recommended reading lists for Chris, Becca, Whitney, et al.?
    Looking forward to your post,

  6. I would like your thoughts on Britt. She rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. Although, I'm sure she is a nice girl, she seemed to have problems accepting the fact that everyone may not like her or fall over themselves to please her.

    1. I agree, Britt rubbed me the wrong way since day 1. That extra long hung she gave him and then the staring into his eyes and telling him all the things he wanted to hear... it seemed so "practiced". On all the forums I'm on, from that moment everyone seemed to like Britt and I'm like WHAT!? Can ya'll not see through her BS??


    2. I really felt like she was more upset with Carly because she may have cost her her chance at bachelorette. Not because she ruined her chances with Chris. No way was she ever ever really going to be into a farmer from Iowa. She reminds me so much of my sons old girlfriend that she made my skin crawl. The overly sweet fake personality.

  7. SG, have you (pre-Mrs. SG, of course) or any of your friends been approached to be on the Bach/Bachette? Sean Lowe is doing a book signing at Half-Price Books tonight -- should I go?

    Marti in Dallas