Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Patience is a Virtue, not a town in Iowa

Hello, Readers.  

Happy End of Bachelor season.  I'd say the big finale wasn't that big after all.  Nothing quite says I love you like shivering in a barn ogling a freshly placed Neil Lane ring.  

The post will be up WEDNESDAY evening.  Frankly, I don't have time to write until then.  In the meantime, chime in via Comments or on Twitter @someguyinaustin.

We'll talk soon. 



  1. It was very refreshing not to have the scorned lady fall apart and be hysterical. Becca really is mature and even at the After the Rose deal, she was very calm and no tears. I still can't see Whitney living in Iowa but I could be wrong-she sure professed enough times that she was ready to have babies and be a homebody. The two vying to be the next bachelorette will be a very strange concept.
    Sal in Utah

  2. Here's your recap: It was so cold, you could see their breath. Who lights candles in a barn full of hay. They tried to be tricky with the parents' comments. They tried to be tricky with editing. They had the seasons mixed up - fall decor, snow on the ground. Becca was never that into him....or apparently anyone. He picked Whitney. She IS that into him. Smart fiancee did NOT watch the show! The best part was when they showed the parents arriving in After the Final Rose. The end. Premiere of Dancing With the Stars is next week.

  3. Unless the editing was exceptionally deceiving, Whitney now joins Chris from Desi's season in being the winner by default. If she ever watches the season, how does she handle hearing her future father-in-law say Becca is the one Chris wanted, let alone seeing Chris' obvious yearning (begging?) for Becca to commit? Yikes.

  4. Couldn't help but notice the snow on the ground during Becca's moment in the flammable barn and yet later that day (?) month? season? the grass was green for Whitney's arrival. Uhh... Alisa in CO

  5. Ann, your comment made me laugh. I still want to hear DP's hilarious take on it though!

    I feel bad for Whitney. It may have just been the editing, but it felt like his family lobbied hard for him to pick the "sure thing," and he really wanted to see if he could squeeze any kind of commitment from Becca before making a final decision. Becca was as honest as she could be under that kind of pressure. Hearing Chris's mom tell her, "You are in love; you just don't recognize it!," and his dad say "Chris wants Becca" made me cringe on Whitney's behalf. I wouldn't feel secure in my relationship if I were made aware that my fiance was wavering (and seemingly leaning toward a different decision) hours before the proposal.