Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Who's Down with B.I.P.?

Hello Listeners (nee Readers),

Exciting changes have occurred.  My good friend and fellow blogger, Lincee Ray has successfully launched her I Hate Green Beans Podcast which can be linked from her website or via iTunes.  I've been honored to be a guest on several of the episodes, but please, don't limit your listening enjoyment to me.  

We've worked out a few kinks, polished up our "Ummms," "Uhhhs," and we're focusing on our non-regional diction so y'all can understand us.  It's not perfect (yet), but Lincee deserves huge congratulations for entering a new medium and figuring out how to edit, post, and entertain all at the same time.  

In the latest episode, we chronicle Part 1 of Episode 1 of this season's Bachelor in Paradise.  It's posted now.  ENJOY and comment below and on Twitter.  At this point, any suggestions on content, making the show better, or simply just a note to say hello are all welcome.  

For those of you wondering, yes, I'll be launching my own non-Bachelor Podcast in the near future.  I, too, have some kinks that need to be worked out first.  More to come on that, but first, enjoy Part 1 of Episode 1 and look out for Part 2 in the very near future.  Congrats, Lincee.  I'm proud of you.