Monday, July 24, 2017


Hello (former) Readers.  I know, it's been a tough ride for all of you this season without my clever observations about this season.  What gives, you ask?  Work.  That's what.  As much as I miss writing  and interacting with all of you, the bills have to get paid around SGIA's house and when I'm not on an airplane sometimes I get to enjoy that house.  

Never fear, however.  As most of you know Lincee Ray has started her own podcast.  You can hear the both of us break down this season's episodes live and in person (sort of) by logging on to her site and clicking on the link.  

I'll post as soon as I can get above the fray here in Austin.  Just because I'm not here doesn't mean I don't want to be.  Take care of yourselves and let me know what you think about the podcasts.  

We'll talk soon.  DP