Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bachelor Ben: SGIA is Back to Rate the Ho, Ho, Ho's

Well hello, Readers. It's certainly been a while since Some Guy in Austin chose to post any content on this site.  Its been as barren as a pre-nonagenarian Sarah's womb since the close of our last season of The Bachelorette. That's not to say I haven't been busy. I just haven't been busy with this.

Nonetheless, it's fantastic to be back on the eve of everyone's favorite holiday.  I am, of course, referring to the January 4, 2016, season premier of Bachelor Ben's poker run at finding the sleekest and fastest speedboat on Commitment Lake so he can tentatively propose a hypothetical marriage preceded by an indefinite engagement sprinkled with star-studded events and meaningless red carpet interviews filled with vagaries and innuendo before formally announcing an "amicable" breakup after a paid stint on Dancing with the Stars and appearances on endless talk shows and tabloid magazine covers.  

DISCLAIMER:  I hate disclaimers.  However, this is the one post every season that I feel needs a disclaimer from Yours Truly.  I don't ever feel the need to apologize for what's written here but in light of fact that these bios are the only information I'm relying upon when forming my opinion (and expressing it to you in sarcastic terms), I'd like to point out that I don't read tabloids, Reality Stan, or any other Bachelor-related material other than Lincee Ray's, so my guesses below are precisely that:  Guesses.  Also, I don't know whose husband tragically passed away, who has been struggling with an eating disorder, or who identifies as a man.  Remember that when I say something that, in retrospect and in light of the big picture, is incredibly mean. 

Yes, folks, there's magic in the air.  Now damnit, let's get to it.  

Chris H.  CHA-CHING.

Amanda, 25, Esthetician who loves The Notebook.  That didn't take long, did it?  The first horse out of the barn loves The Notebook.  Shocking.  My bet is that there are as many girls named Lauren as there are who love The Notebook this season.   Hell, I've already mentioned it three times and I'm not even past the first girl.  She's pleasant looking enough but has two kids, a fear of aging, and would buy a house on the beach and adopt kids and dogs if she won the lottery.  She's basically Madonna without the music career.  She'll get past the cocktail party if she doesn't unload her luggage on Ben.  

(Still) Amber,  (Still) "30", (Still) Bartender.  She's been rejected more times than a Syrian passport on every iteration of this show.  But hey, why not come back and try just one more time?  Her bio tells us that she'd be a zookeeper for a day.   I've got a zoo question for you, Amber.  How many times does an elephant go to a dry watering hole before it moves on in search of another?  Perhaps Amber should look for the answer to that question.  She's nice enough, attractive enough, and has probably been compensated by ABC enough to stick around through the cocktail party.  

(Still) Becca, (Still) 26, (Still) a Chiropractic Assistant and (Still) afraid of clogging the toilet on a date.  YAWN.  Like Amber, the Ratings Police will keep her around for a bit.  However, she lacks the "Look at Me, Look at Me" personality necessary to stand out amongst the gaggle.  I liked her, but it's time for her to get back to back cracking.

Breanne, 30, Nutritional Therapist who's favorite book is Why Men Love Bitches.  Hey, Breanne, men don't love bitches and the answers to life are not contained in self-help books.  Reading self-help books about being a "strong woman" doesn't make you a strong woman.  I hope she packed a copy of whatever the sequel to that book is named.  It will give her something to read in the limo on her way to the airport from the Mansion.  Why so harsh, you ask?  I don't see Ben picking a 30 year-old with an affinity for relationship books and a chip on her shoulder above the others.  

Caila, 24, Software Sales Rep. who loves U2 because "it reminds me of my dad."  OOOOF.  Her head shot seems sufficiently perky enough to get her past night one.  However, I'll reserve judgment until we see what comes out of her mouth when she opens it.  Besides, I'm still reeling from the U2 comment.  

Emily, 22, Twin.  Up until this moment I was unaware that I had two jobs.  As most of you know, I'm a lawyer.  However, I'm also a twin, which is apparently an "occupation" according to Emily here. No wonder I'm so tired all the time.  Speaking of tired:  Twins?  At least their names don't rhyme and they aren't dressed the same in their pictures.  If Ben wanted to ruin Christmas he'd identify the competitive one and then dump her but not her sister.  

Haley, 22, Twin.  I won't insult her individuality in spite of her blatant disregard for it by treating her and her sister as one person.  Again, the twin dating thing is hokey, predictable, and stupid.  If I were Ben, I'd send them both packing.  If she and her sister do last, it's because he was told to keep them around.  She tells us in her bio that she can't live without her cell phone or spray tan.  She apparently gets along just fine without her self-respect.  Oh, and I think her sister is prettier than she is.    

Izzy, 24, Graphic Designer who also loves The Notebook.  Fun nickname, hyper-creative career, dimple, mischievous, mysterious smile, and a self-confident stance.  He'll send her home.  I could be wrong but Ben is a numbers guy and he's pretty conservative if I recall correctly.  My guess is that all that creativity and mysteriousness will equate to too much unpredictability for Ole Ben.  

Jackie, 23, Gerontologist.  Meh.  I wouldn't jump over a bar stool to hand her my number but she's not unattractive.   Studying old people is an odd career choice and my guess is that she's the book smart, shy, intellectual type who probably wore quarter inch thick glasses and head gear most of her life.  Her bio tells us that she went paragliding in the Alps with her dad.  Great.  Rich, athletic dad who takes the time to travel internationally with his smart daughter.   Good luck replacing that guy, Ben.  

Jami, 23, Bartender.  She should just change her name to Amber so Ben doesn't have to bother learning it.  They could be twins like what's-her-face and what's-her-other-face above.  She's a Canadian who is inexperienced as a lover (read: This Season's Virgin).   If she throws out the immaculate reception at the cocktail reception she'll be oot the door in aboot an hour.   

Jennifer, 25, Small Business Owner.  Confident picture.  I'm going to reserve my comments until I verify just what exactly her "small business" involves.  However, props to her for striking it out on her own.  Her bio tells us she'd marry a dolphin because they have sex for pleasure.  If she drops that on Ben as she steps out of the limo, that should be good to hold her over for 6 or 7 shows.   

Jessica, 23, Accountant.  Pretty girl who needs a makeover.  Steady job and she tells us that she prefers low key bars as opposed to "a sweaty guy rubbing up against me at a club".  I'd ask her out.  The means that Ben probably won't.  We'll see if she and Ben add up.  See what I did there?  

JoJo, 23, Real Estate Developer.  That means her dad owns a real estate development company.  Regardless, she's my pick for best head shot.  She's hot.  Confident, attractive, not overdone, and she went low cut and sleeveless to accentuate . . . well, her best developments.  My guess is that she has personality.  She'll stick around if that personality is not over the top.  She tells us that she can make her tongue a 3 leaf clover.  That's a Fantasy Suite talent if I ever heard one.  

Jubilee, 24, War Veteran who also loves The Notebook.  At least these girls will all agree on what to watch on the Blue-Ray player when Ben is out on his one-on-one dates.  She's attractive and likely has a lot to discuss considering she's served during war time. Not bad for a girl who's named after a commemorative event or a flaming dessert.  

Lace, 25, Real Estate Agent.  Hot.  She looks like trouble and has a stripper's name.  My guess is that's why she was cast.  I love her already.  Her most embarrassing moment?  "When I had a guy I liked over for drinks and I forgot I pooped before he came over and he used my bathroom and saw it." Here's to hoping she tops that this season.  

Laura, 24, Account Executive.  She loves pie and sunscreen.  I hope she loves going home too because that's where she's headed after night one.  

Lauren B., 25, Stewardess.  The first of a parade of Laurens.  She looks like she's up to something.  She could be a sleeper.  Her bio tells us that she loves love and wears her heart on her sleeve.  I think that means she works for Southwest Airlines.  She'll make it past the party but let's see what her personality is like before we give her a date with Ben.   

Lauren H., 25, Kindergarten Teacher.  Caring, nurturing job, genuine smile.  She'll stick around.  It will be good for her to get hit on by a guy her own age for a change rather than some creepy middle-aged father of a 5 year-old asking if he can be this year's "Room Dad".  I think they'll keep all of the Laurens around for the first show but she's likely to earn that spot on her own merits.   Her bio says she wants to be Harrison for a day.  Don't we all, Lauren H.?  Don't we all? 

Lauren R., 26, Math Teacher.  She looks like a pre-op tranny to me.   Caitlyn Jenner has a smaller Adam's Apple.  I'm guessing we'll see that head shot in the local newspaper when she gets caught in an "inappropriate" relationship with one of her high school students.  She tells us that she wants to have lunch with Jesus, Michelangelo, and Justin Timberlake.  That might be amusing to me if her entire career wasn't based around inspiring the next generation of children.  God help us. 

Lauren B. ("LB"), 23, Fashion Buyer from Oklahoma.  If her nickname was "KG", she'd be 10.45 years old.  That's a little metric humor for my international fans.  Imperial measurement-esque nickname aside, I think she falls into the average department when it comes to looks.  She looks shy too.  Her career choice is a bit specious when it comes to geography as well.  Oklahoma isn't exactly the epicenter of the fashion world.  Notwithstanding my (probably unfair) criticism, let's give her the benefit of the doubt.  

Leah, 25, Event Planner who has two doves tattooed on the backs of her calves.  Uh oh.  That might be a little too familiar for Ben in light of that lascivious strumpet Kaitlyn's tattoos.  She'll have to overcome that stigma if she's going to stick around and become the Almost Mrs. Ben H.  Big tattoos in an obvious location scream attention-seeker too.  If that's the case, I doubt she'll stick around.   

Maegan, 30, Cowgirl.  Ben (or is it Baen?) doesn't strike me as the cowgirl loving type.  We'll see.  

Mandi, 28, Dentist.  I wonder if she's a real dentist or if she's a dentist like Ashley was a dentist?   Something behind her eyes looks a tad off too, no?  Maybe it's just me.  Blatantly obvious boob job and her bio tells us that she has a "tendency to drink too much".  I'm so excited for the cocktail party, I can't stand it.  They should just do her a favor and set her up with that guy that passed out at Ashley's cocktail party a few seasons ago.  Let's hope Ben doesn't let her near his mouth with a sharp hook.    

Olivia, 23, News Anchor.  Austin, Texas.  I think she's from Austin but must news anchor somewhere else, because she's not on the local news here in town.  Still, she's incredibly attractive and I'd pick her as one of my favorites based on the head shot.  I have no real feel for her yet but if she's as intellectual as she is pretty, she may be around for a while.  

Rachel, 23, She's unemployed and her biggest fear is not finding a husband before 30.  For her sake, let's hope she has something other than those two things to discuss with Ben.  She's attractive, but her resume screams co-dependent leech.  Of course, if she's unemployed because she has a giant trust fund, that could up her chances a tad.  It's a damn good thing she's not also a twin.  That would (apparently) ruin her chances at collecting unemployment considering the fact that "Twin" is an occupation and all.  Her head shot screams positive energy, however.  I'll need her back story before I make any conclusions.    

Samantha, 26, Attorney who can't live without her straightener or WiFi.  My guess is that she's the hyper-competitive type with a fear of failing.  Incidentally, her hair doesn't look straight in her head shot.  She's semi-attractive but her head shot implies she's overbearing.      

Shushanna, 27, Mathematician with a classic long relationship leading to heartbreak and a trip to the show to "get back out there" bio.  Ben plus 28 girls divided by 11 shows equals drama and stress.  Let's hope she can handle it.  The good news is that her name isn't Lauren.  She's also a favorite of mine.   

Tiara, 27, Chicken Enthusiast.  I'd put her in my favorite category if, and only if, the Chicken Enthusiast schtick runs its course quickly.  She's pretty and may have a sense of humor if her bio rings true.  She has the unfortunate distinction of sharing her name with one of the biggest idiots to ever fall down the carefully watered and softly lit steps of the Mansion.  Let's hope Ben doesn't try and steal her sparkle.   

Boom!  There it is.  It's good to be back after my hiatus.  I'm looking forward to writing this season and I'm looking forward to your comments, Tweets (@someguyinaustin), and messages.  Bachelor season is upon us, folks.  However, it's the Christmas Season first.  

Enjoy your families at least until you get sick of them.  Drink past the pain, don't discuss politics, religion, or Donald Trump at the dinner table, and (most of all) be grateful for all that you have and do not dwell on what you don't (at least for a few days).  I hope you all have a happy and safe Holiday Season.  We'll talk again around January 4.  In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be sharpening my wit.  DP

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Final Episode: Nick Goes out with Two Bangs

Boom.  And just like that, it's over.   

Hello, Readers.  Thanks for sticking around with me for yet another season of The Bachelorette.  I’d have to say that overall it turned out to be a pretty good season.  Granted, we were relegated to two travel locations rather than 5 and the same two guys argued about the same two things for the entire season, but I think it’s fair to say that we were as equally entertained as we were bored.  That, in my mind anyway, is a good season even it if does make me a Surface Level Person. 

First, a few housekeeping items. 

1.         I’ll be here in the off-season.  I have not yet committed to blogging about Bachelor in Paradise, but I do plan on posting something at least once a week.  Between other recaps and your inevitable Netflix/full DVR binges, that should be enough to give you all plenty of time to waste at home and at work in spite of the fact that I’m not writing about the show. 

2.         Thank all of you for continuing to show up and read here every week.  I’d bet a week’s pay that I get more of a thrill writing this and reading your comments than you do reading it.  I’m like  the remora that latches itself on the side of a shark.   Ours is truly a symbiotic relationship.  Thank you for all that you do for me.  

3.         I didn’t watch the After the Final Rose show; namely because I didn’t record it, but also because it bothers me to watch it.  I won't comment on it; however, I may post again this week about it.

4.         As always, send me suggested off-season topics, questions, or suggestions.  I put them in a file in the event writer’s block hits. 

Now, let’s get to the big finale. 

Helicopter-filmed, Southern California vistas followed by a soft fade out and a shower of rose petals greet us like they do before every season finale.  Now we’re talking.  We all took a sip of Chardonnay and a nip of cheese and grinned from ear to ear knowing there’d be no cliffhanger at the end of this show --- just another hour of inane, redundant banter. 

Incidentally, who let the 12-year old past ABC security for the live broadcast?   She should have been in the Green Room watching the re-runs of the ABC after school special Drugs are Bad, Jenny Eat Something rather than sitting through vignettes of her older brother’s sex life. 

Granted, I’m sure she learned a lot watching her brother get dumped on live television after everyone—including Kaitlyn’s entire family—rehashed their one night stand, but I think we all felt a little weird seeing her sit there through the agony. 

Harrison shows up in a lavender oxford and a subtle gray tie and tells me I’m not going to believe what I’m about to see.  Every time he tells me that I still believe it after I see it.    He summarizes the big season and sets up the big finale.  “Controversial . . . she followed her heart (and other parts of her anatomy) . . . the guys hate each other. . .”.  Yea, Harrison, we know how it works.  Now get to the dumping.   

Keeping consistent with this season’s non-sequiter starts, we head back to last week’s Utah resort to watch Nick in his Aloha v-neck pack his mustard colored skinny jeans and cardigan sweaters amongst the background of stunning mountain views and aspen trees.  

Props to Nick on his silent 1989 Magnum P.I. tribute.  I was surprised he didn’t pull out his “Here Today, Gone To Maui” tank top for the Rose Ceremony.    

Higgins and I think Shawn will win.

Shawn, perhaps sensing the inevitability of his “victory,” chooses a more formal oxford for his packing responsibilities.  Unfortunately for us, he still won’t drop that annoying “the other guy” nonsense.   

Look, I get that a guy wired like Shawn has no meaningful choice other than to compartmentalize his emotions when it comes to dwelling on some other dude putting his greasy hands all over his wanna-be fiancé, but I’m pretty certain Kaitlyn wasn’t screaming “Oh, oh, take me, Other Guy!  Take me!” in her hotel room a few weeks ago.  Grow up, Peter Pan.    

Hold your breath.  This year’s “exotic” location for the Final Rose Ceremony?  Malibu.  Nice budget.  Did anyone else feel cheated?  Malibu?  That’s like 30 minutes via a rented high end sports car or 10 minutes via a rented helicopter from Los Angeles.  Sounds like the Roadies Union over at ABC has some serious pull this season.  To hell with carrying all of that equipment and the heavy floral arrangements to Fiji. 

Kaitlyn shows up for her family sit around and judge session with much darker hair and a sister who looks like Abby Lee Miller’s daughter. 

Kaitlyn actually has the nerve to drop, “someone ‘showed up" from another season.”  Man, that’s a bit of revisionist history if I’ve ever heard it.  She continues the delusion by telling her mom, dad, step mom, step dad, and Abby Lee Miller, Jr. that things went “too far” with Nick.

Right.  And the Germans "showed up" in Poland in 1939 and took things "a little too far."  Ironically, both Nick and the Germans had an easy time invading foreign territory.  

Alright, first of all, I can’t be the only one who didn’t find it incredibly uncomfortable that she would share her whiskey-induced tryst with Nick with her family after not seeing them for weeks at a time.  Maybe that’s a Canadian thing.  

Oh, and don’t’ think I’m going to let the “too far” characterization slip away like Kaitlyn’s negligee after a few pops of Jack Daniels either.  “Too far?”  Hell, last week, she was a strong woman who owned her own decisions and the victim of an incredibly hypocritical and sexist “double standard.”  This week, when she’s planning on dumping the guy who helped her spread her feminist wings, all of a sudden she “went too far.”  Wow.  Here’s a link for you psychology enthusiasts.  It says what I have too little room to  say here.  

Mom has white jeans on.  I knew it.  Apparently the White Jeans Theory is multi-generational and passed on through the maternal side of the family.  I loved her mom’s eyelashes as well.  I wondered to whom they belonged to before she bought them.      

White jeans and fake eyelashes aside, Mom is none too happy that Nick is there.  Maybe he’s been “casually texting” her too.  I suddenly found myself interested in anticipation of the inevitable ball busting that was about to happen. 

Nick shows up for the big meet and greet.  He could have shaved and tucked in his shirt.  He was dressed like a member of the ABC Roadie’s Union—all of whom were definitely on their mandated hourly 20-minute cigarette breaks.

Let’s take a moment to see what clever and smart gets Nick, shall we?  I’ve said it since Andi’s season.  Nick is smart, level-headed, and deliberate.  He can read people and situations well and he’s clever enough to adapt his behavior accordingly.  He makes quick work of Abby Lee Miller, Jr. by disarming with his awww shucks, rubbing my face and looking at the floor routine.  She buys it.  

Mom gets her eyelashes in a tither as she leads off by calling Nick, “possessive, jealous, and, arrogant.”  Solid work, Mom.  It's too bad you couldn't stick to your guns.  

Nick responds by saying he’s not surprised he’s there.  So much for humility.  Mom unwittingly becomes putty in Nick’s hands as she pretends to grill him but plays Kaitlyn’s entire hand.  Satisfied, Nick professes love and goes directly to the tearing up and sniffling move.  Brilliant.   Mom cries too and Nick is in.  At this point I was almost certain my Shawn pick was going to fall by the wayside.     

Shawn’s turn. 

Kaitlyn is wearing a short, short dress looking like a slutty, Canadian Minnie Mouse.  

I hope this is a Memory Jar

Mom sticks with her white look but dresses it up a bit more with a pair of white earrings and a black and white dress she undoubtedly bought during the same time frame as the manufacture of Nick’s Aloha v-neck. 

Mom is worried Shawn is the jealous type.  She’s clearly done her homework.  Shawn shows up like the freaking welcome wagon with 100 gifts, including a gift for Abby Lee Miller, Jr.’s kids.  Point Shawn.  Nice work, ABC Intern.  He wears shorts but at least he wore an oxford.  Of course he didn’t tuck it in.  Details. 

Step Dad sports an odd yellow neon shirt with some fancy cuffs that was completely age-inappropriate and . . . you guessed it . . . white pants.  No wonder he married Mom.  It’s really about finding common ground, isn’t it?  Mom is ready to discuss The Big Bang with Shawn.  Dude, how awkward was that set up?  

Showing us that he’s fully prepared to close the deal, Shawn drops the “Other Guy” routine and swallows his anger (hard).  He goes with the “I’m not jealous, it’s just that I’m in love” approach and artfully stays away from trashing Nick when he’s directly asked, albeit euphemistically, about how he plans to handle the fallout knowing that his soon-to-be fiancé had sex on national television with his worst enemy . . . twice . . . in the same season . . . while she was dating Shawn . . . who was staying in the same hotel when it happened.  

I’ll give him credit.  He was there to close the deal and he came prepared.  My Shawn confidence was back on at this point. 

My confidence was fully bolstered once Abby Lee Miller, Jr. gave her vote to Shawn while speaking to Kaitlyn and Shawn brought in both mom and dad for the permission to marry conversation. (Nice touch).  The response wasn’t exactly a resounding “yes” but they nodded accordingly.  A pale green light is still a green light.   

Last dates with Kaitlyn.

Brooding in her Lululemon attire on “her” catamaran in Marina Del Rey, Kaitlyn seeks clarity and Ceftriaxone.  Those of you diligent enough to Google that are laughing right now.  After countless departures from tradition this season it was nice to see them stick with the catamaran date.  They also stuck with the post-picnic, on the bow make out session with a lot of buttock cupping filmed at extremely uncomfortable angles. 

Dinner with Nick—Last Meal

Nick throws some Just for Men into his beard and puts on his Garanimals shirt.  She shows up in stripes.  They continue to pretend like they “just texted” before Nick “showed up” on the show.  He gives her some kind of brag book that the ABC Intern put together for him with something about Magic and Electricity plastered all over it in his handwriting.  I suppose Drunkenness and Promiscuity don’t have the same ring.  At least he was polite. 

Fake Gosling Date

Shawn shows up in his tight long underwear shirt and shorts accentuating his physique just in case he does get dumped.  She doesn’t exactly do the run, grab, and leg wrap.  She clearly looked preoccupied.  He’s delusional and immediately insecure. 

Despite the fact that they both stared at the floor and pounded Merlot between the incommodious silence, they seem to agree that he’s still in the running.  My guess is that she kept him in the dark until the last second and that she was preoccupied with dumping Nick.  I’ll give Shawn credit.  He closed the deal over and over.  We can’t say he’s faking it. 

“It’s time for his dumb gift,” I said to Mrs. SGIA between Lone Star sips.  Fake Gosling pulls out a jar full of garbage. He tells her he’s giving her “something to represent the past couple of months”. 

“That jar must be filled with whiskey labels, Nick’s condom wrappers, and Shawn’s tears,” I said laughing.  

Sometimes cynicism is the best medicine, isn’t it?    Apparently, it’s a “Memory Jar.”  Ah, there’s nothing more romantic than emptying out a pickle jar and cramming it with beverage napkins, torn movie tickets, and golf tees.

Look, it's Nick's pickle.  What a Memory.

Congrats to the ABC Intern tasked with the “if you want to keep your job you’ll find a way to outdo a sappy photo album with handwritten notes in it” challenge.  Solid work. 

Wake up and dress time.  Everyone is nervous.  Kaitlyn wakes up in full makeup.  So does Nick.  Fake Gosling drinks coffee and searches unsuccessfully for his shirt.    

Neil Lane visits Shawn fresh off his Gin Rummy game with Harrison.

Nick’s turn to drink coffee and wander.  Neil Lane shows up with his magic briefcase. 
Kaitlyn gets ready.

Harrison opens limo door for Kaitlyn. 

Shawn broods.  

She’s nervous. 

Nick broods.

The First limo pulls up and……’s Nick. 

Dead man walking.  Harrison doesn’t flinch as he walks him to his impending doom like a masculine, dapper version of Sister Helen Prejean to Nick’s feminine, less dapper version of Matthew Poncelet.

Stay Strong.  Kaitlyn is about to dump you. 

Kaitlyn lets Nick speak because she has a contractual duty to do that, but you could tell she’s not thrilled about it.  We can say what we want about Kaitlyn, but I don’t think she’s a mean-spirited person and regardless of what criterion ultimately pushed her on to Shawn’s side of the fence, she clearly didn’t want to be forced to be in that moment with Nick.

We have to watch Nick flop around the dock next to the water before she steps in and prevents him from grabbing the Neil Lane charity ring and bending one knee.  Dude, that STINGS.  Talk about a blindside.  Deanna Pappas had a better idea of what was coming right before Womack . . . well . . . Womacked her.    

"I'm not going to marry either one of you.  I mean that. Truly.  I really do."

Body language tells us that Nick is quickly over the denial stage and he’s moved directly into anger.  He cannot wait to leave.  Now it’s her turn to flop around the dock in search of the cool, oxygen-rich confines of the water below.   He cuts her off.  He’s articulate as she begs for validation.  He gambled and lost and he knows it.  She brings up the “off camera time” and the “intimate moments.”

I say this every season.  When you dump someone the worst thing you can do is to rub it in by telling that person how great he really is or how much you still care.  It smacks of insincerity and it’s a selfish attempt to quell your own guilt rather than to provide solace to the person you've hurt.  Put another way, just rip the Band-Aid off and move on. 

“I believe it all but I just don’t need to hear it,” was Nick’s way of saying what I said above. Go Nick. 

“What I felt for you was greater than a moment.”  Wow.  Total burn. 

Not surprisingly, Nick again wins the intellectual battle.  Granted, he’s an oak standing amongst acorns on this show, but he deserves credit.  He’s smarter than Kaitlyn and Shawn.  In lieu of a microphone, Nick drops the Neil Lane ring and the Ireland ring.  He’s out.   

There was “stunned silence” in the audience according to Harrison.  To us, that clearly means the intern forgot to turn the “Applause” sign on.  The Memory Jar victory was short lived.    

Shawn’s turn. 

He drops a “Mr. Harrison” on OHCH.  Solid.  Anything to up his chances.  Kaitlyn stands there—a withered mess--waiting for Shawn to propose to her thrice-defiled bones.

He goes with the standard “first time I saw you . . . highs and lows . . . all we’ve been through . . . blue eyes...” speech, tells her he loves her, she requites, and he proposes. 

“Will you possibly marry me at some indefinite point in the future . . . maybe?”

“Yes, of course I might.”

The whole thing is really a study in contrasts, isn’t it? 

Well, there it is:  another complete season of the show we can’t stop watching.  Congrats to Shawn and Kaitlyn.  I say it every season.  I hope that they have found what Ryan and Trista have found via the show:  an endless supply of money and public appearances.  Hell, it’s about time for Ryan and Trista to retire anyway.  

Regardless of the blog content I’ve been throwing up here for 6 plus years now, there is a romantic side to me that still exists.  I’m hopeful for the currently happy couple and I hope they make it to their as yet undecided wedding date.  Granted, I wouldn’t bet a day’s pay on it, but I hope it happens. 

Thank you again for making it another season with me.  Take care of yourselves, check in here for new posts periodically, and enjoy the rest of the Summer.  In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be “casually texting” Kaitlyn’s mom.  DP