Wednesday, June 8, 2016

JoJo Episodes 3 and 4: I’ve (C)Had it with this A**hole

Hello, Readers.   Wow, we’ve got a lot to cover.  Thankfully, most of the action can be summarized by consulting a freshman year Psychology textbook. 

Before we begin, let me get some housekeeping items out of the way.  As most of you noticed, there are two weeks between now and the next episode of JoJo’s gut wrenching (for us, not her) attempt to find her potential Mr. Wonderful.  And, apparently another episode of ridiculous behavior from That First Class Asshole, Chad. 

As such, I’m certain you’ll all be jonesing for a fix of something next week.  In light of your impending frustration, I’ll commit to posting again on or before next Monday.   In fact, I’ll guarantee it.  I want to see who wins the Stanley Cup and the NBA Finals, so it’s in my interest to write quickly.  I’m also swamped at work so it will be a welcome escape.   

Shoot me a comment or a tweet with potential blog subjects.  I may try and talk Lincee "I Hate Green Beans Ray into a joint post, but we’ll see what she has on her crowded plate next week.  We know it’s not a big helping of green beans.  

Finally, I referred to our carnivorous buddy, The Chad, as “Chad from Dallas” in my post last week.  Clearly, I was confused by JoJo’s ex—you know the mind reader who dropped fresh roses off at her door along with an “I want you back” letter just as Ben arrived to pick her up.  

Caveman Chad is from Oklahoma; Tulsa to be exact.  Or, as we refer to it in Texas, Mobile-Home-a.  I’d like to apologize to Dallas for incorrectly associating it with The Chad.  I also wondered how much Luxury Real Estate there is to sell in Tulsa.    

Now let’s get to it, shall we?

Episode 3

We begin with everyone sleeping off a hangover and see that the mansion has been turned into a frat house.  I’ve seen movie theater floors looked more sanitary that that place.  As if we weren’t already sick of hearing about him, all of the guys awaken to tell us more about The Chad. 

Evan, who dresses like a poor man’s Criss Angel, whines about The Chad in his less-than-masculine tanktop while The Chad and pseudo-friend Daniel bro it out over work out talk and protein shakes.  I’d like to make two points here. 

First, what’s with the tank-tops and skinny jeans?  These guys look like they’re wearing Garanimals rather than dressing up for a date.  Even the more normal guys seem to prefer that look.  Jordan’s “jeans” look like yoga pants for crying out loud and Luke’s one-on-one outfit looked like the outfit Olivia Newton-John wore for the final dance number in Grease.  Robbie actually tight rolled his and sported no socks and topsiders to the cocktail party after the Group Date.    

Anyone seen a wood burning hot tub around here?

Far be it from me to go beyond my pearl snap shirt, jeans, and boots comfort zone, but I’m just not getting how that look fits.  Until I see Harrison show up in black skinny jeans and a horizontal striped tank top, I refuse to recognize it as a valid look.   

Second, I think now that we’ve been bathed in the light of Episodes 3 and 4, we can all agree that Daniel is a well-meaning, albeit misguided, dunce.  He’s like Sloth from The Goonies.  He started off in cahoots with the bad guy but even he had the wherewithal to distance himself from The Chad.  His Hitler-Mussolini-Bush metaphor was moronic yet intriguing at the same time.  I’d say he’s redeemed himself in my eyes.  Someone get him a low-fat rocky road protein shake.  I wonder if they’ll make Evan do the Truffle Shuffle in order to get into the next pool party?     

Much to my comfort, Harrison shows up in V-neck sweater.  Granted, I wouldn’t wear one, but at least I’ve seen it before.    

He drops the first Date Card and tees up the big week.  3 dates.  1 one-on-one, 1 group and the dreaded two-on-one. Did anyone doubt that The Chad would be one of the guys on the two-on-one date?    

James Taylor proves he can read without his guitar.  “Chase, Let’s get physical.  Love JoJo.”

JoJo walks around in flannel telling us that she’s “more optimistic” than ever.  Unfortunately, the Producers weren’t very optimistic about finding a way to move past the pornographically awkward yoga date complete with a resident weirdo to position the them that we cringed at in Chris Soules’ season.  

The camera shot of the aforementioned resident weirdo allowed you to see what she had for breakfast.  If that shot was any more graphic they would have to invite her to the Men Tell All for an on-air pap smear and a sonogram.  Good Lord.

Yoga Anyone? 

Chase handled it well and, as SGIA predicted, he moved up a few notches on JoJo’s Potential Fiancé Chart.  After all, he weathered the yoga class and the ex-Lady Antebellum guy’s “country” song.  He got a well-earned Date Rose.  At least the ex-Lady Antebellum guy has had a hit on this side of the year 2000.  I guess, Chicago and Jeffery Osborne were booked at a bar mitzvah or in Branson, Missouri.   

The only thing more pornographic than that date (up until this point in the show, sadly) was Daniel and Chad’s 300-esque, homoerotic beach muscle work out session by the pool.  You mean to tell me that the 12,000 sq. foot mansion doesn’t have a gym and the only place to accomplish muscle-shredding dumbbell work is on the poolside flagstone?  Please.  And Chad, the long board shorts aren’t fooling anyone about your skinny legs.  Mix in some squats and calf raises into your stupid work out instead off letting all of the roast beef go to your chest and arms.   

Leonidis, would you care to spot Xerxes on the flagstone?

Group Date

Jordan, Grant, Wells, James F., Christian, Daniel, Vinny, Nick, Evan, Alex, Chad, Ali  “Love has no secrets Love JoJo.”

This one might as well have been called the “Big D*ck Measuring Contest with Chad” date.  Alex actually “right reasoned” The Chad before The Chad began to froth all over the theater like the rabid dog in the final scenes of Cujo.  

We all agree that The Chad is a hyperagressive jerk, but let’s be fair.  Between Alex and Evan nipping at his heels like a couple of angry Lhasa apsos, he was bound to punch a door sooner than later.     

I’m not even going to dignify this date with more than a few sentences.  The entire premise—publically bragging about sexual conquests in as graphic language as possible in an attempt to impress your potential wife—was ridiculous.  It’s what passes for effort or art these days, I suppose.  It became clear, however, that the entire purpose of the date was to set up The Chad to explode into one of his chimp-like, predicable, angry rants.  Evan—poor, tiny, feminized Evan--publicly accused him of steroid use the tea kettle quickly steamed over. 

Again, rather than discuss the merits of the “self-expression” or comment on the fact that it was featured during prime time viewing hours on a major network, I’d rather respond to a couple of comments I’ve seen on The Chad characterizing his behavior as “Alpha Male” behavior.  Nothing could be further from the truth—clinically speaking.

The traditional Alpha Male (the human one) is always in control of himself, his emotions, and his surroundings.  He is proactive, not reactive, and he dominates through superior intellect, charm, and measured aggression, if necessary.  Even the leader of the wolf pack shows his teeth only when confronted with danger or a direct challenge to his authority.  Think James Bond, for instance. 

Alpha Males are typically smart, natural leaders with a strong sense of values and a passion for what they do.  The real Alpha Male is not ashamed of his faults, but admits them.  He controls situations and has a need to do so but rarely, if ever, resorts to violence or intimidation to accomplish that need.  He doesn’t need to.  Think Don Draper or The Most Interesting Man in the World. 

I don't always think about The Chad, but when I do I realize he's an a-hole.

Contrast that with the Hypermasculine Male and you’ll see our friend The Chad.  Hypermasculinity is a psychological term for an individual who exhibits a severe exaggeration of typical male behavior; namely, physical strength, toughness, and sexual behavior.  

Hypermasculine men tend to view emotion as something that should be bottled up—particularly when it comes to feelings for women—and often only express themselves through uncontrollable rage stemming from a frustration at a lack of control.  They objectify women out of a need to control them and react very poorly when anything they want, believe, or desire is denied to them.  These men are exaggerations of their cultures, their races, their sexuality, and their lifestyles.  Think Lil’ Wayne, any of the Village People, or Stallone’s John J. Rambo—hell, any action star. 

In short, Chad is far from an Alpha Male.  He’s hated and reviled by his peers, cannot lead or persuade the group, and has no control over the one woman he seeks.  He’s an impotent cartoon of what he believes a “real” man should be.  He’s also an asshole.  

And in anticipation of his “bad edit” assertion when he hits the Men Tell All in a few weeks, I’ll go ahead and say that a few drunken quotes in the back of the airport limo or a stray comment here or there constitutes a “bad edit.”  Here, they actually had so much material on this jerk that they’ve made it the focus of going on 4 episodes now.   It's not a bad edit.  He's just a bad guy.     

Then again, I could be guilty of just not “leaving him alone and minding my own business.”  Memo to Chad:  People who want to be left alone don’t go on reality shows and follow up with shirtless photo shoots for any magazine that comes calling.  Ali was right:  Chad’s a douchebag. 

Cocktail party. 

JoJo has some one-on-one with Jordan.  He opens up and almost seems to go for broke.  I can’t get past the skin tight jeans and the Bob’s Big Boy haircut, but he seems like a nice enough guy.  By the way, I don’t blame him for mischaracterizing the breakup of his former relationship (he apparently cheated) as a result of a focus on his career.  I suppose that’s not entirely untrue and he’s still young enough to deserve a clean slate. 

Alex and Vinny try way too hard but it’s becoming abundantly clear that she’s not into it. I thought Wells might be fading—or dissolving in the pool of superior genetic material around him—but he rallied when he stood up to The Chad in the sunken living room and performed athletically on the football field.  He’s a good guy and I wouldn’t put him in the same category as Evan . . . yet. 

More Chad.  Evan stirs the pot all over again after almost getting squashed.  Had The Chad gone berserk as he promised to do on Evan I’m certain that the video would have looked a lot like that zoo gorilla dragging that 4 year old around the enclosure last week.  Evan is lucky the cameras were there to prevent that.      

Back at the Mansion. 

Luke, Chase, James T., Robby, Derek sit around and wait for the Date Card to arrive.   “James T., Let’s kick it old school. Love JoJo.”

JoJo’s choice of James Taylor confused me until I saw what the date entailed.  It was made for that chucklehead.  More about that later, but let’s get back to the party. 

Evan c*ck blocks The Chad as The Chad attempts to dig out the poor attempt at a kiss in an effort to avoid participating in the sex talk challenge and explain away the angry outburst JoJo witnessed toward Evan. Evan sells him out and has the delusional balls to give her the “it’s him or me ultimatum.”    

Props to JoJo for giving Evan the Date Rose.  In retrospect, it was a brilliant decision.  On one hand, it was a reassuring “thank you” to Evan for ratting out The Chad and getting his ($20) t-shirt irreparably damaged.  On the other, it was a “last chance, a-hole” to The Chad.  She was clearly on to him and wanted him to know it.  I think I speak for all of us when I say that when Evan got the Date Rose,  I couldn’t wait for Chad to see it. 

Evan’s response?  “Love is worth getting shoved in the face for.”  Brilliant.  I think there are some NFL wives and a woman named Amber Heard who would whole heartedly disagree with that statement. 

Derek and his tanktop deny being afraid of The Chad as The Chad tries to control and intimidate him with an angry confrontation.  Whatever.    

James Taylor and JoJo are forced to dress up in 40’s swing outfits and get some horrible dance lessons from a woman who probably went to prom with Abraham Lincoln. He’s a humble, decent guy, but the only “F” he’s going to get out of this show is “Friendship.”  He gets a Date Rose and then, inexplicably, he sings a song.

Daniel talks to The Chad about Hitler and Mussolini while The Chad eats a raw sweet potato. It’s the “perfect carb” in case you were wondering.  Then The Chad works out in dress shorts. 

Harrison shows up for the tank top party and drops the dreaded “there will not be a cocktail party” talk.  BUT, thank God, there’s an all day pool party. 

Evan tattles on The Chad like Jake Pavelka on Wes Hayden and Harrison is forced to step in and shut The Chad down . . . errrr . . . set The Chad up for more angry rages in an effort to draw ratings. 

The best line of the entire thing was when he told The Chad, “Here’s what we’re going to do . . . “ before sending him back into the mansion for what he knew would set up some priceless exchanges.

To Be Continued . . .

Episode 4.  Back to the pool party. 

Chicken fighting?  Guys on each other’s shoulders?  Good Lord.

I was thankful to see JoJo show up in her white Emily Maynard shorts and perform the Jillian-patented grab and straddle move on Jordan in a bathing suit.    

The Chad wallows in the lonely pool of his lack of regret and his need for several grams of protein per hour.  Harrison retrieves JoJo. 

Suits and ties and hair gel replace oily pecs and board shorts.  Well, except for Robbie, who apparently kept some of his old competitive speedos.  I wonder if actually seeing his hair on screen rather than his usual subjective view of it in the mirror made him realize how ridiculous it looks.  He puts the metro in metrosexual.  If he were any more manicured he’d be a golf course.    

Rose Ceremony.

1.         Evan
2.         James Taylor
3.         Grant
4.         Derek
5.         Jordan
6.         Luke
7.         Robbie
8.         Wells
9.         James F.
10.       Vinny
11.       Daniel
12.       Alex
13.       Chad


Nick B.

Frankly, I thought Nick B., as innocuous as he was, would stick around longer than Evan, but then I realized they needed Evan around as the smallest guy in the house to make The Chad look like an even bigger jerk. 

After she kicks those bozos to the curb, JoJo announces that the group is going to leave mansion. 

Oh, boy.  I think it’s safe to say that all of us instantly conjured up helicopter rides amongst stunning Bahamian vistas and a plethora of palm trees lined evenly on either side of a long driveway up to a tropical resort. 

Instead, they go to Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania?  What?  It’s the Keystone State, not the perfect place to fall in love.  They end up in a town named Nemacolin.  That sounds like a digestive disorder. 

Date Card.  Vinny reads it.  “Luke, I like you very mush.  Love, JoJo”

After a dog sled ride on a modified riding lawn mower Luke and JoJo find a wood fire stove hot tub.  Of course they do.  Luke coaxes JoJo into the scorching hot water and they enjoy a few glasses of chardonnay while simultaneously fighting off second degree burns and hyperthermia.  I suppose the good news is that if Luke makes it to the Fantasy Suite he’ll have no sperm count.  That will narrow the number of paternity tests needed to two.    

Luke laid it on thicker than Robbie’s humectant pomade and maximized his alone time.  That’s how it’s done, boys.  From the pregnant pauses between answers to the American Hero from a small town who now has things in perspective after seeing death in Afghanistan all the way to pretending like he knew who Dan + Shay were, Luke hit a home run.

By the way, does anyone actually know who Dan + Shay are?  Is it Dan AND Shay or Dan PLUS Shay.  The former is more logical, but the latter is more likely.  And which one is Dan and which one is Shay?   In spite of all that, Luke got a rose and I got a break from The Chad.  

Date Card.

Derek, James T., Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James. F., Evan, Grant, Jordan, Robbie, “We could go all the way.  JoJo”.

That puts the math squarely on the 2 on 1 with Alex and The Chad.  Alex is happy.  The Chad is not.    

Football date at Heinz Stadium with Rothlesburger. 

Alex and The Chad have a pre-two-on-one-date stare down.  By that I mean that The Chad had to stare way down to meet Alex’s eyes.  Both of them were annoying and Luke regretted his mandatory appointment as the pre-two-on-one date question asker back at the house.    

Blue team wins.  Chase, Wells, James F, Grant lose and Evan has his second bloody nose of the show.  Poor guy.  I thought Wells did . . . well . . . Well during the game and Jordan clearly impressed JoJo with the much coveted All Time Quarterback roll.    

Date Rose.  Jordan.  He earned it and she’s overthinking him beyond overthinking.   

Harrison’s ominous "Two Dudes, One Rose, One Stays, One Goes" poem kicks off the two-on-one date as The Chad finds time between raw sweet potatoes and lunch meat to escalate his threats past the walls of the mansion.    

Wells tries to make the peace and, predictably, The  Chad walks away. 

Two-on one-date.

Let me say this about JoJo sending The Chad to wander in the woods like freaking Apocalypto searching for his tribe.

I was very impressed with JoJo.  Why?

1.         She was considerate.  She listened to Alex drone on and took the time to confirm corroborating details about incidents that she heard about at the pool party.  In other words, she didn’t take his word for it without verifying the details. 

2.         She was empathetic.  She took the time to consider that the reason that The Chad is such an over-the-top jerkoff is that he had shared with her that his mother had passed away.  “Maybe he’s stuggling with that?,” she asked through tears before retreating into the woods to gather her thoughts. 

3.         She was fair.  When she returned from the woods she asked The Chad to confirm or deny the stories and also gave him a chance to answer “why.”  Frankly it was more than he deserved.  It was then, and only then, that she succinctly told him exactly why she felt that he could no longer continue before tossing the Date Rose to Alex who was so happy that The Chad was (allegedly) going home that he failed to realize that the Rose had nothing to do with him and everything to do with The Chad’s lack of answers to her questions.  Like her white shorts, it was very Maynard-esque. 

And just as we thought The Chad would wander the nether regions of the Nemacolin woods howling at the moon in search of raw meat and sweet potatoes, he manages to walk back to the mansion and knock on the door. 

Enough is enough with this guy.  Let’s pray he’s done in the first ten minutes of the next episode.  I’m praying that they send in three more out of shape security guards to get him out of there. 

Enjoy the down week.  In the meantime, if you need me, I'll be doing inclined dumbbell presses by my pool in dress shorts.  DP


  1. Eloquent and well researched via Psych 101. Thanks for helping us evaluate this mess. But I'm afraid I see no perfect mate for Jojo in this mass of masculinity.
    Susan in CA

    1. Also: From the way Jojo is throwing herself at Jordan, I fear she will make the Andi/Josh mistake. You are right - he is simple and she is over-analyzing.
      Can we fast forward through the next 8 episodes and get right to the fake/sweaty proposal in paradise? Then the heartbreak break-up, followed by the tell-all book?
      Susan in CA

    2. I think exactly the same.

    3. Yup. I think I alluded to those points in my first post. She's doing well though.

  2. "He gets a Date Rose and then, inexplicably, he sings a song."

    If some guy serenaded me and I had to sit there through that, it would give me a horrible case of Nemacolin.

    Don't forget your legs.

    Blog post idea: Dating nightmares. Or if you do a post with Licee, bring up a topic and do a male/female perspective thing.

    ~Kim, not in FL

    1. ****btw, I do mean some guy, not Some Guy. In the unlikely event of a Some Guy serenade, I would appreciate the irony and buy him a Lone Star.

    2. If I serenaded you, you'd have a case of severe nemacolin. DP

  3. How about a blog with Lincee on a point counterpoint fashion rant? Or, you do a great job editorializing "for" Harrison, how about his "take" on 20 years of this hot mess? A greatest hits recap -- take us on a trip down memory lane since you've been blogging on the show and your take on highlights (or low lights) from the different seasons. As always, keep up the good work, we appreciate all you do for us...and for free. ;)

  4. Ahhhh! A potential he-said she-said post! Obviously it has to be about amazon deliveries. Their meaning. Their merit. Mrs. SGIA should definitely be quoted.

    I can't get The Chad's whistling tune out of my head. Creepy. Loved the breakdown of Alpha Male vs The Chad. Do you think we'll finally be rid of him after the next episode? Doesn't he need to pack his anger and head to Mexico?

    1. That was odd. I talked to Lincee and we're planning. DP

  5. I like Heathers suggestion re a greatest hits recap or in place of that I'd love to see more stories of your wild and crazy younger years. As always, love your blog and laugh along with you whenever you have time to post!
    B in NY (probably your oldest fan)

  6. Did you notice Ali trembling in fear every time he was near Chad? I think he was relieved not to receive a rose.

    This: Between Alex and Evan nipping at his heels like a couple of angry Lhasa apsos, he was bound to punch a door sooner than later. That is spot on. They were angling to get him there. Of course, The Chad made it easy but Evan and Alex were acting like a couple of a-holes as well.

    1. Yes. Chad's pheromones and the hormones in all that meat he eats probably contributed. DP

  7. Been catching up on three episodes after being gone. So a lot to take in including a "create silence" sign in the very weird anger-gasm yoga class -what in the world is that nonsense? Where do the producers find these people? That and the "date" talking about sex lives was beyond weird even for California. Are the guys sitting around making those goofy necklaces? Chad is certainly somebody to steer clear of in a relationship and the sad thing is if he watches this show, he will not see what others see. He will probably think what a macho dude I am. At least JoJo spared us The Chad show which was getting very old. Thought the football date was skewed for Jordan cause no matter what team won, he would be on the winning team date with JoJo. Think he is hiding something -something is off about him. Dumb two on one date to sit by a river but there is usually no imagination on the two on one dates. Guess we will just have to wait to see what The Chad does -odd to let him come back to the house like that but the producers have to create more drama since the main drama will be gone once he's out of there for good.
    Thank you for keeping up with this with your hectic sounding schedule. We all appreciate your take on this.
    Sal in Utah

  8. I thought it was funny that the guys were toasting their new "Chadless" status and cheering the departure of The Chad. As in, they actually referred to him as The Chad. I guess he told them to call him that... just what I'd expect from someone who skips leg day. Great recap, Some Guy. Looking forward to next next week!

  9. I have been reading your blog for years, and this was one of your best. I especially loved the following: your not sanctioning the new clothing style until you see Chris Harrison wearing it, the Most Interesting Man in the World caption, the very-succinct-yet-spot-on summary of Luke's masterful actions on the date, the inane questioning of what the heck Dan + Shay is, and your very well reasoned positive impression of how JoJo handled Chad's dismissal. You rock!

  10. Burn. As an Oklahomie who loves it here in Tulsa, I don't know if we can be friends anymore ;) This can be turned around if you and Lincee manage a joint post in the off week. Really though, you'd be surprised how much old oil money there is in this town. And Garth made it his home for years, we have Lonestar in most of our bars, come on, it's really not that bad.... Also, solid Goonie references.

    1. In OKC but yeah, Chad is really doing us proud huh?

    2. Relax. I've been to Tulsa and it's nice. Don't act like you don't make fun of Texas.

  11. I too have been reading your blog for a number of years and first time commenting.. This one was excellent- I continue to be in awe of your skill in recapping this show in such a funny and clever way. The 300 movie reference was spot on! I did notice on a recent trip to Italy the prevalence of the cuffed super skinny jean/capri look on a number of millenial men so I'm afraid that fashion is invading the US as well-:))

  12. What fun I had reading this post!
    I chuckled out-loud to the reference to Jeffrey Osbourne and many more.
    Well done~

  13. DP, you are in fine fettle...Nemacolin, sounds like a digestive disorder...loved the tip about The Chad not fooling us hiding his skinny legs. I am a gal who loves True Alpha Males with legs to match the top. They're more balanced. I went to the fridge and got a Dos Equis. Your discourse about them (the Alpha Male, that is) is absolutely sharp. You're Some Guy! Faithfully, Macedonian Hussy

  14. Love all your posts so thank you! I'd like to hear what you and Lincee would say to a blog about rearranging the failed bachelors and bachelorettes (and maybe some of the more popular rejects). For example I wonder if Andi Dorfman and Brad Womack could have worked if either had been on each other's season? Who would have had a better chance with your fav Emily Maynard? Or Lincee's fav Roberto? Just a thought...N from Canada

  15. Love all your posts so thank you! I'd like to hear what you and Lincee would say to a blog about rearranging the failed bachelors and bachelorettes (and maybe some of the more popular rejects). For example I wonder if Andi Dorfman and Brad Womack could have worked if either had been on each other's season? Who would have had a better chance with your fav Emily Maynard? Or Lincee's fav Roberto? Just a thought...N from Canada

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    I had prefer to stick to your updates as they arrive along! I'd a query to interrogate but I forgot what it absolutely was... anyw

  17. Exactly right - after she said they were traveling somewhere, I too expected someplace exotic. Never expected Nemacolin! The dogs certainly looked happy, pulling that sled or whatever it was, but PETA is always complaining about the cruelty of dog sledding of any kind (not just the Iditarod).

    Chad - love him or hate him, it seems like. He's pure gold for this show. Producers would probably admit failure if no viewers got upset, the villains stirred no controversy, or all anyone could say about the suitors was that they were "nice." He spoke his mind, had a sense of humor including after the show, and didn't lie when confronted by JoJo.

    Alex W., Chad's nemesis, has done a bunch of interviews post-show and said "I would say that Chad is a Chihuahua. He’s all bark,” Woytkiw said. “I’m not concerned for myself or any other guy in the house because any threats he’s made because he was a big talker, and I think the show shows that.” -US magazine. He also said Chad needed no direction from Producers. I'd be curious to see how Chad would do in acting or modeling. Creative teams usually feel stung when they have to direct the Talent's every move or motivate them. Not every successful actor is a choir-boy type. I think Chad could play a variety of characters within his type. #teamChad

    I'm also not sure I'd give JoJo credit for keeping Chad around, or Evan or Daniel. I see it more as how JoJo dealt with keeping some guys around that Producers pressed her into keeping.

    Surprised, tho, you gave Jordan a pass on lying about cheating. Cheating during a serious relationship is a pretty big deal. I agree with whomever said this has shades of an Andi/Josh relationship. I hope for her sake that she's no more serious about him than he is about her.