Monday, August 29, 2016


Dear Readers, 

It's been a couple of weeks since I first promised to post for Bachelor in Paradise.  I have to confess that I'm two weeks behind, although I did watch tonight's show.  

First, who is Carl?  

Second, how is Evan still around?  Didn't he get gout or a hangnail or something a few weeks ago?  

Third, I'm not sure if Ashely I. or Lace is crazier.  I suppose they are each technically stricken with different brands of Crazy, but neither brand seems workable in the context of a constructive relationship.  

Fourth,  I've been in Florida, California (two cities), Dallas, Houston, and Austin in the last two weeks.  Those locations called me there to deal with my priorities; namely earning money to pay the bills around here.  

Any less of a blogger would be down and out.  However, I will commit to pull together a post or two that accurately memorializes the dumpster fire that is The Bachelor Pad.  

Thanks for checking on me every now and then.  Take care of yourselves and we'll speak soon. 

Anyone want to bet me ten bucks that Harrison shows up in a robe with a mimosa before the season is over?  

In the meantime, if you need me I'll be scapegoating Nick for my shortcomings.  



  1. I'll take that bet! No way Harrison exposes any more of himself than he is paid to.

    Michele in TO (US$ are fine.)

  2. I've been checking every day for your column. Can't wait!

  3. Josh has actually made Nick likable! Wells is simply adorable.

    1. LOVE Wells, he would be a fun Bachelor, but do think Nick will be great!

  4. Well, Nick is finally going to be the next bachelor! Personally, I was hoping for Wells.........

  5. The road to paradise is blogged with good intention.

  6. BIP was kind of fun to watch in a weird sort of way. I am so over Ashley and her crying that I hope she went home and doesn't show up again. Wells did the right thing by dumping her.
    Looking forward to Nick as a Bachelor, never understood why so many people hated him. Just hoping they'll have a normal group of girls and not a bunch of bimbos. He is mid 30s after all.
    You've been getting around the country quite a bit, just think of all those air miles you are accumulating.
    Hope to see you here every once in a while before Bachelor starts in January.

  7. You owe me $10. Have a Lonestar on me, tell the server to keep the change.

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