Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bachelorette Desiree Episode 2: Des Puts the "C" Back in Front of "Rap"

Good Lord.  Do I even have to open with my usual “Hello, Readers?”  For those of you who humored me on my live Twitter feed last night you’re aware that (like the rest of you) I was . . . well, Amazed at the meteoric and unprecedented escalation of the Amazing Count.  We went from an already annoying 17 in Episode 1 to a heretofore unimaginable FIFTY TWO in just one show.   Hell, the Journey Count is already at 18 and we haven’t even left the MAN-sion yet.  Is it possible that this could actually be the Most (Insert Provocative Adjective Here) Season yet? 

Incidentally, when proofreading the above paragraph I noticed that I inadvertently omitted the “O” from the word “count.”   That makes it a totally different show, does it not?  Annyyyyyyhhoo . . . . 

Before we start I'd like to send a shout out to my friend and local Austinite, Sherry.  I've run into her at a few local music venues and a honky tonk or two over the past couple of weeks.  That's like meeting a hen in a hen house, I know, but Sherry is always pleasant.  She also introduced me to her friends as "Some Guy in Austin" last week and even asked Mrs. Some Guy if she could call her by that name.  Solid work, Sherry.  Now, let's get to it, shall we? 

We open as we have the past few seasons.  Desiree’s voice over mulls over the remaining bold colored v-neck-wearing pack of frenzied suitors vying for a potential shot at possibly having the right to butter up Neil Lane in order to procure a conditionally free diamond engagement ring and drop to one knee in a rented suit in the middle of a debilitatingly humid subtropical “paradise” and ask Desiree if she could maybe be his temporary fiancé for an indefinite period of time and possibly move toward a marriage provided a host of conditions precedent occur and ABC’s myriad of contractual obligations are met.


Des tickles our fancy by wondering aloud if she’ll avoid the “potential for disaster.”  Notwithstanding the fact that I love to have my fancy tickled, I sort of hoped that the potential for disaster would realize itself sooner rather than later.    


Back at the MAN-sion Harrison blows the metaphorical conch shell and summons the men for a morning sit around.  He lays out the rules we already know and drops the date card before heading out to the quiet solace of a nudie bar VIP room in his Hefner-esque blue pajama shirt.    


Brooks in his giant red plastic watch hopes for a sign but has to settle for a note handwritten by an intern.  Yup, the first date is his and we all know that in Bachelorette Code that means he’s the front runner.  Contrary to a well-meaning reader’s comment last week, I don’t read Reality Stan or any other Bach blog aside from Lincee Ray’s www.ihategreenbeans.com.  I pick Brooks as the winner because he simply has no competition at this point in the game.  However, we’d all do well to remember that (ironically, no less) it was Des who was awarded the first date with Sean.  She killed it before fizzling out over the rest of the season.  My guess is that one of the mutes will soon speak and will actually make a race of this thing.  Back to Des.


Des sits in her secret sketching area doing Kegels while contemplating what color lip gloss to wear before putting on her Emily-esque seasonal boots, tight jeans, and tank top.  Drew Pavelka and his lavender hoodie are jealous of Brooks.  Zak tones it down from last last week and on a scale from tolerable to jackass crosses the midpoint toward the former. F*ckin’ Mikey T. and his Marianas Trench DEEP V-neck do their best to set the destruction of Italian-American stereotypes back to the 1800’s.  I didn’t know if he’d purposely stretched that V-neck beyond repair or if it was simply cowering away from his ten o’clock shadow.    


Ben gets jealous.  Des and Brooks split for a PCH drive in “her” Bentley. 


Brooks Date


The conversation was easy and  it was clear that they had good chemistry.  In an attempt to destroy that, Des brings Brooks straight to a bridal shop.  Good Lord.  She could have at least had the common courtesy to swing by a bar on the way there.  Regardless, Brooks handles it masterfully.   He’s confident and unafraid.  Clearly, he gets it. 

They shoplift a couple outfits and Des makes a “spontaneous”  decision to walk around LA and take pictures.  They visit a cupcake truck and take pictures with  paid extras before heading to the  Hollywood sign like Frank and Ali before them.  We all know how well that worked out.  After the lowest ranking Bachelorette intern removes the used condoms and empty Mad Dog 20/20 bottles from the immediate area Brooks seals the deal AFTER we have to listen to more annoying fairytale and princess references. 

Any dudes reading this need to pay attention.  Brooks puts on a textbook clinic of first date finesse.  He showers Des with small compliments rather than blathering and overdoing it.  He makes eye contact, nods his head in agreement, listens to her talk, shares some emotions but not too much, maximizes non-sexual physical touch (statistically the most common of the Five Love Languages), and cherrys up the sundae by confirming that he’s “in.”  That, in a word, was Money.  Sure, he has a bit of a feminine speech thing going on and his hair oil makes Ric James look like he has split ends, but none of that matters to Des.  She bought what he sold and she paid full price.   

He did all that without showing up shirtless, borrowing a suit of armor, or acting like an asshole.   He earned the first kiss.    It’s a good first act, Brooks, but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings.  

Nighttime.  Des gets another “spontaneous” idea to move the road block signs and head into a “shady area.”  I opined that the “shady area” was named Los Angeles, but that’s neither here nor there.  They arrive at an allegorical bridge over the road and Brooks continues to pile on. 


“Tell me about your family,” “That’s a great question,”  “It takes time for me to share deep emotions,” coupled with timely pauses, and the begrudgingly surrendered lost dad story, capped off with tearing up and giving the ‘give me a moment’ sign.  Brilliant.  He might as well have picked up her entree off her plate and put it in his hand.  He had her eating out of it.  He got a rose and I was surprised she didn’t include her bra and panties too.  Hell, I would have kissed the guy at that point.  Nice work, Brooks. 

They eventually “enjoy” music from someone named Andy Grammar.  He looked like one of the other dudes and sounded like a John Mayer, but worse, if that’s possible.  I have no idea who he is and have no immediate plans to find out.  Like hundreds of double-left footed tools before him, Brooks can’t dance either but at least he tried.  He also mixed in the phrases “expose myself” and “strap on.”  My guess is that he’s hoping those subconscious seeds will blossom in time for the Fantasy Suite.  By the way, my money says that Des spends the night with all three dudes.  We’ll get there eventually.   


Group Date. 


Dan, Juan Pablo, Zack, Will, Brian, Drew Pavelka, James, F*ckin’ Mikey T., Zak W., Nick, Michael, Brandon, and the guy who read the card.  “Men, are you here for the right reasons?”


We head to the Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery.  Des awaits the idiot Exodus from the MAN-sion in her purple shorty dress with weird shoulder straps on it.  The men are forced to perform an uphill walk toward Des.  I assumed that was a metaphor—a poor one. 


F*ckin’ Mikey thinks real hard and tries to figure out the date in pink shorts.  Des ends the suspense by announcing that they are there to film a rap video.  I would have quit right there.  Being “fun” and “spontaneous” is one thing.  Subjecting oneself to intentional humiliation is another.  Some guy called Soulja Boy—another “artist” I don’t know—shows up to perform a miracle.  According to Mr. Boy,  Love is like Hip Hop.  “Filthy, misogynistic, and over-produced?” I wondered.  Regardless, the men perform awkward attempted rhymes.  I’m not certain, but I don’t think Mr. Boy was impressed.  James even forgot how to rhyme. 


And how in the world is it that Will can’t dance?  I hate to stereotype, but come on.  Brandon emerges from “wardrobe” in an Ed Hardy shirt and no pants—He looked like a Douchey Winnie the Pooh.   Des shows off her stomach.  Dallas Ben looked way too stupid in his ‘cowboy’ outfit while Michael and F*ckin’ Mikey go for broke.  I suppose that’s the best you can hope for under the circumstances.  Brandon’s shaved legs didn’t do much to offset the jockstrap either. 



This was as painful a segment that I can recall.  On another note, could that video have been more degrading to everyone involved?  After having Brandon’s junk shaken around her face like a maraca in a salsa band, she dons a bikini and a wrap and jiggles through a tunnel of thrusting tube steaks.  So much for being respected, Des.    I hope Soulja Boy got a fatter check than Harrison.  Lord knows the only reason he was there is because Harrison wanted a quarter bag full of the Sticky Icky for the after party.


Dinnertime.   Zak W. apparently got most of the jackass out of him last week.  He (astutely) admits to being a “buffoon” and presents her with a gift. 

No wrapping paper:  Points Off.

Antique journal with an inscription from Dad to daughter:  Points On. 

Why didn’t he open up with that on night one?  Simple and sincere beats soaked in vanity and beer any day of the week.  Nice recovery, Zak W.  Keep that up and your shirt on and you’ve got  decent chance at the Fantasy Suite. 

Brandon, this season’s insecure freaking weirdo, tells us that love is like a butterfly.  If we hold it too loosely it will fly away.  If we hold it too tightly we will destroy it.  Nice try, Brandon.  Steinbeck tackled that metaphor in the late ‘30’s in Of Mice and Men.  He’ll melt down in a show or two.  Adrenaline Junkie, my ass.    


Ben c*ck blocks F*ckin’ Mikey and his pink plaid shirt right in the middle of his “My Italian Family” talk.  Very poor timing, Ben.  Like Luca Brasi, he’ll sleep with the fishes for that one day. 

Did anyone else perceive the preponderance of purple provided to these putzes?  Alliteration aside, purple is the color of royalty, which is good because most of these guys are royal a-holes. 

Michael G. gives his “women I respect” speech to Des.  Perhaps he felt guilty for throwing his genitals in her direction at the rap video shoot.  That’s a canned staple of the Bachelorette franchise but it’s proven to work in the past.  Juan Pablo plays it cool in his leather Hasselhoff jacket and frohawk.  F*ckin’ Mikey gets more Italian the more he drinks.  For some reason, he feels compelled to talk to Ben about “swooping in on Des.”  Has he ever seen the show?  This whole schtick has been tiring for several seasons now and it’s still tiring.  It’s the same argument every cocktail party.  That fact eludes F*ckin’ Mikey.  Unfortunately for him,  Ben is much smarter than F*ckin’ Mikey and wins him over by simply complimenting his shoes.  Luca Brasi might be smarter than F*ckin’ Mikey.    

Date Card.  “Bryden, Road Trip! Desiree”.  Bryden admires Des’s gift for brevity with his Dumb and Dumber haircut.


Brandon looks like he’s going to be the first to melt down.  He nervously interrupts Drew Pavelka who looks like Max Headroom and the guy from the Nazi propaganda posters had a kid. 


Brandon goes with another Bach’ette standby and gives her the “what I’m not” speech. He predictably exposes his abandonment issues stemming from his dad’s departure. That explained a lot. Top that off with the fact that his mom was a drug addict and the control, abandonment, and fear of inadequacy issues stand out like a five o’clock shadow on an amped up Italian Suitor. 
I’ll give Brandon a pass but he’d better sort that out soon.  Des is not likely to be so forgiving.  She’s got her nutjob brother to deal with.  The last thing she needs is those two downing a few too many cocktails on Thanksgiving Day at the in-laws pad.  He swung for the fence when he needed a base hit.  Between that and the Winnie the Pooh outfit he deserved the rose.  However, Ben got it because the Producers told her to give it to him to piss off F*ckin’ Mikey T. 

Mission F*ckin’ Accomplished. 

I’d also like to make a point.  What’s said is often just as important as what’s not said.  Did anyone notice Juan Pablo interjecting his accent into that fray of testosterone-filled nonsense?  Exactly.  When there’s a big fire down the street there’s no good reason to leave the safety of your house and run toward it.  Props to Juan Pablo for saving his energy.

Bryden Date. 

She honks in “Her” Bentley.  Can you imagine if the tables were reversed?  I love double standards.    They hit the PCH for  less than exciting freeway banter about driving.  They stop at the local Quickie Mart for popcorn, tampons, and a 12 pack of Malt Liquor before heading on an all day drive.  Apparently, Spago was booked for lunch. 

Des tells us that “California embodies everything that I am?”  Give me a break.   They arrive at El Matador Beach.  I could have used a Matador because there was a lot of bulls*it to deal with.  Kite flying.  Taco eating.  Yellow t-shirting. 

They head north to Orange Grove.  Picnic in the Orange Orchard.  Picnic’s suck 

Head to Ojai. If I had a Bentley on loan I’d drive the hell out of it too.  Overall, it was a decent date without much obvious romantic chemistry.  Compared to Brooks this guy might as well have been a cardboard stand-in.     

He drops the car accident story.  Incredibly, he brings the car accident pictures on the date.  Hospital and road rash pictures abound as Bryden recounts his harrowing brush with mortality.  I’m glad they didn’t have pizza.  She acted sympathetic but didn’t seem smitten. 

Look, Bryden is a veteran and a guy who has been through a lot for someone his age.  He clearly has something to offer.  However, he’s no oily headed charmer with dimples.    He gets the rose anyway and does get some pool and hot tub time.   Des eventually ordered him to move in for the kiss.  That was a hair bit less awkward than the rap video.  Let’s be fair.  He never had to move in for a kiss in Iraq and he’s entitled to be a bit guarded.  Des is likely to understand that but will ultimately choose an easier (and oilier) path.  Still, he’ll stick around for a while and be one of those “good guys” who just couldn’t make it.  His home town will treat him kindly


Cocktail Party.


Ominous music fills the air as Des’ limo pulls up and the sword fight in the MAN-sion begins in earnest.  Drew Pavelka was nice enough to skip out on his Hitler Youth meeting to attend.  Des clichés her way to the ballroom.  She’s “blown away” and “the luckiest girl in the world.”   Mike G. drops the diabetic talk.  What. A. Freaking. Beating.  Doesn’t anyone have a positive story to share?  He had the balls to share his blood sugar number and Des pretends to care, eventually admitting that she has no idea what that number means. 

Just as Michael is wowing Des by covering the finer points of the body’s homeostatic mechanisms involving mutually antagonistic catabolic and anabolic hormones Ben shows up to shut it down.  Frankly, Ben did the guy a favor.  If he’d have kept speaking Des was likely to fall into a coma of her own.  We all know that Ben’s move-in was Producer instigated.  Well, all of us but F*ckin’ Mikey T.

Honestly, I became bored with the macho fest.  Even when I was much younger and filled with hormones I always found this type of chest beating ridiculous.   They looked and acted like fools.  If Michael, Brandon, and F*ckin’ Mikey T. truly think that Ben’s behavior “it is what it is” then they should have just let it be what it is.  They looked like a bunch of school aged kids arguing on the playground.  Well, school aged kids with oiled hair and five o’clock shadows. 

Brian (whoever he is) pulls a pick up and walk move.  The guy had twice as much grease in his hair as Brooks.  Unfortunately, he’s only a third as charming.  What’s up with the oily hair this season, by the way?  Alfalfa had less product in his hair that most of these guys.  Frankly, Brooks is the only one of these oil barons who doesn’t look like an extra in a 30’s mobster movie. 


Harrison FINALLY shows up in grey with the ubiquitous champagne glass and butter knife and puts an abrupt end to the tomfoolery. 




1.      Ben

2.      Brooks (aka First Place)

3.      Bryden

4.      James

5.      Kasey

6.      Dan

7.      Juan Pablo  (Juan Pablo no Hablo this week)

8.      Brad

9.      Chris (who’s the hell is he?)

10.  Nick

11.  Zak W. (Nice come back)

12.  Drew

13.  F*ckin’ Mikey T.

14.  Zack

15.  Michael

16.  Brandon





Robert (Liam Hemsworth)

Nick M.


Well, there it is.  No real surprises this week, folks.  We’ll see how it all pans out next week when Harrison throws an angry badger of an ex-girlfriend into the cage.  Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  I’ll live Tweet during next week’s show.  Have a great week.  In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be at the local auto parts store buying oil by the case.  DP


  1. I still want to know how California embodies everything Desiree is when her whole shtick is that she came from nothing and California, LA especially, tends to be filled with overly-rich self-absorbed wanna-be princes and princesses born with silver spoons in their mouths. That's kind of the polar opposite of Desiree I-once-lived-in-a-tent Hartsock. That's the only thing she's said thus far that's bugged me, though. "Thus far" being the operative phrase.

    I want to like Drew, but his resemblance to the biggest d-bag this series has ever seen (at least in my opinion) makes it darn near impossible.

    Spot on, as always, DP. Stay away from the oil, though. You're attractive - if it ain't broke, don't soak it in oil....or something like that.

    1. I'll take your advice on the hair oil. Des's tune will change once she gets used to living in that giant house in Malibu. By the way, there's no such thing as "overly rich." It's not how much you have, it's how you let it affect you that matters. As far as Drew is concerned, he looks too much like Pavelka for me to like him as well. DP

  2. DP, missed your Tweeter feed last night because I didn't start watching the recording until 10 PM. I'll try to catch up next week.

    So glad I am not the only one who thinks Drew looks like Jake Pavelaka LOL Just for that reason I don't like him.

    Agree that Brooks looks like a front runner right now, he sure did and said all the right things last night.

    OMG, I have no words to comment on that group date. It was horrible, and humiliating, and kind of funny at the same time.

    Don't like Ben, he is too smarmy and gives us Texans a bad name and reputation. Turned me off last week when he used his kid as a prop. Ugh!

    Glad to have you back!

    1. Texans and lawyers don't fare well on this show, Liana. Perhaps Harrison believes that there's only room for one Texan on the show. DP

  3. Check out abc.com for the descriptions of bachelor hopefuls.
    Michael G. has size 14 shoes....'nuf said???

    1. Does that mean he has big feet? Look, if that's your qualification than so be it. The only point I'll make is that anyone can own a shotgun but not everyone knows how to operate one effectively. DP

    2. If shoe size was not important then why did they ask the men what theirs is? Did anyone post Des' shoe size? Note to Mike Fleiss: ask the women on the next Bachelor their bra size and post that, too. 'nuff said!!! Jane

  4. The tweets bugged me but now I will have to pay attention to them to check for yours next week.

    Am I the only one who thought Chris H's shirt at the start looked like a pajama top? If this is part of his clothes collection, count me as unimpressed.

    I am guessing these unknown singers are under contract by ABC -you are not the only one who has never heard of them. And what was the deal with the recycled date on the bridge? ABC interns are running out of ideas to toss out for these dates I guess.

    Overall a very boring episode and hopefully they will get better. Thanks for taking the time to watch and report to us. You and Lincee make it halfway worth watching.

    Sal in Utah

    1. Sal, read carefully. I believe I called Harrison's shirt a "Hefner-esque pajama top." Glad to see you braved the boredom so you could come here and read. DP

  5. DP, Your post is laugh-out-loud funny this week, truly. Both your prose and choice of photos are fantastic.

    Though hard to watch at times (Brandon, I'm talking to you), I thought the rap video was entertaining, especially for the jabs taken at prior Bach participants. Perhaps next time, ABC will exhibit some self-deprecating humor and write lyrics about the repetitive nature of the dates and the scripted drama. That would be truly (c'mon everyone, say it with me) amazing...

    One more thing before I go: why do you think all these guys are revealing so much personal info so soon? It might make sense on the lengthy 1-on-1 dates, but during the group dates/cocktail parties? It feels more like Oprah than the Bachelorette. There's an idea, anyone for casting Oprah as B'ette?

    1. I always like your comments and I totally agree with the rap video and DP being laugh-out-loud funny.

  6. Welcome back kiddo!
    I think the title is the best part this week.
    "I need to tell Des about my diabetes now."


  7. That has to be one of your funniest posts yet, All the picture comparisons made me lol, especially the one from Dumb and Dumber.

    1. I love Bryden, but that picture was priceless!

  8. I'm thinking the producers told the guys to tell their saddest story or worst psychological trauma as quickly as possible to get a rose. How else to explain this Dr. Phil season?

  9. Awesome job Some Guy! Amazingly Awesome! I think Drew will dispel the Pavelka image soon enough--he didn't seem to speak this episode. He's not as wild-about-the-eye as Pavelka, though he does remind me of a cute George McFly! Something about him I like.
    Speaking of wild-about-the-eye, Shirtless Zak definitely has a Mel Gibson-ish look to him, but he did pull that journal gift out of his ass and showed the softer side...
    Brooks is totally in a league of his own--like a boyfriend and girlfriend all-in-one, PLUS looks like he's going to pull at least one major Meznick this season, thus proving he is here for the right reasons.
    I wish she had kept Sign Spinner around longer if only to find out what the hell happened to his dog's eye! My guess is it was a sign spinning accident from back in the early days before he perfected the technique.
    So with you on Brandon--he has the most potential to go postal. Totally shot his wad with the mother/father/raising siblings story both times he got "alone" time. Brooks should do instructional videos on how to eke out the personal info for maximum results!

  10. Ahhh-mazing recap!

  11. My abs were already sore and now they ache. Bring it! Mikey's nickname and his t-shirt being scared of his facial hair. ha The brilliant advice regarding Brooks 1st date. The oily hair stuff. I could go on and on. I just love your insight and humor. Outstanding job!

    1. Oh yeah, inadvertent misspelling of "count", my eye. :)

    2. Cariss, Thanks for the kind words above and for making me laugh again by pointing out DP's Freudian spelling slip!

  12. Being a Godfather fan, I almost lost my tarantella when looking at the Luca Brasi garrotting. He could be smarter than Mikey if all it took for sleeky Sly Ben to dodge any confrontation was to compliment MIkey's shoes.

    You must've had to knock back a few Lone Stars, right? Or have you switched to El Matador?

    Can't wait until next week to see what happens to Ben. I wonder if the preview gal is Brody's mom (two friends who just want to have a kid together).

    Hasta la vista maybe to Juan Pablo, who is my favorite...que lastima...

    Macedonian Hussy

  13. Eeek! I wanted to hide when I was watching the awkward pool/hot tub scene with Bryden and Des! Thanks for re-capping, DP!!

  14. You had me at "Marianas Trench Deep V neck"...

    Neddamk : )

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