Thursday, July 19, 2012

DP Off Season Post 34: A Peak Behind the Vail

Hello, Readers.  As always, welcome back to another installment of your favorite, albeit sporadically posted as of late, blog.  I realize it’s presumptuous of me to refer to my little blog as your “favorite;” however, I’m in a needy mood today and I’d appreciate it if you humored me.  Actually, that’s not true.  My ego is fueled on self congratulation and today is no exception.  I promised a very special post this week and here is my attempt to deliver it. 

But first:

Thanks to all of you for the comments relating to my hiney picture.  It’s not everyday that Some Guy posts pictures of his rear end on the Internet and I have to admit, I did so with a little trepidation.  Granted, I knew certain people who are in the habit of prancing shirtless around Miami dance clubs swilling raspberry cosmopolitans while Adele’s latest remix fills the air would love that picture.  Indeed they did.  I was a little unsure about the rest of you.  I’m thrilled that my tight jeans and faked bestiality were well received.  The down side is that when I posted that picture I was sure that the lovely lady who was “disappointed” in my more than usual racy Emily post last week would drop off the blog list forever.  While I regret that, I must push forward for the sake of the rest of you who are just as sick and twisted as I am.  Ahhh, my people.

I’d also like to send an incredibly special thanks to my good friends Mike and Heather ( who hosted Some Guy and the Special Lady Friend in Colorado this weekend.  We had the perfect balance of fancy schmancy events and the usual white trash sorts of things that make me tick.  Heather’s co-conspirator in various pranks against Some Guy, Isobel, also gets my special thanks.  It’s because of my friendship with the two of them that this blog exists.  All of you owe them a big thank you for forcing me to watch the Bachelor several years ago and then incessantly bugging me to turn my emails into what has become this blog.  Oh, and Isobel, the three broads you brought with you were lovely as well.  It was nice to have a new audience.     

The trip was wonderful but climbing from 8,000 to 10,000 feet on a mountain bike in Vail was a highlight of the big trip (after the booze numbed my legs).  I’d also like to thank my newest friends Kevin and LeAnn Duncan ( for opening their guest room at their home—and, more importantly, their wine cellar—in Vail in addition to allowing Some Guy to crash a few events I frankly shouldn’t have been allowed to valet park cars at over the weekend.  It won’t surprise any of you that they didn’t serve Lone Star there.  Incidentally, it was Heather who snapped the now infamous bear picture after the aforementioned bike climb in the morning, an afternoon of drinking, and a wonderful dinner filled with wine at Sweet Basil in Vail.  It’s amazing she kept the camera straight. 

With all of my thanks out of the way, let’s get to it.

I’m sure that all of you have better things to do (except my friend MH) than worry about when Some Guy will post each week.  To be fair to me, I did attempt to tickle your collective fancies with the promise of some revealing information in lieu of my lack of desire to watch the continuation of this season’s d*ck measuring contest amongst the disenfranchised suitors known as the Men Tell All Episode. 

This entire post was sparked by an email I received a few weeks ago from a reader in Michigan.  In short, she suggested that I dedicate an entire post to explaining my relationship with the Special Lady Friend.  Hesitant to drag the SLF into this mess any more than she is, I sat on that email for awhile trying to think of a way to artfully answer the email while also respecting the SLF’s lack of desire to have her life thrown into cyberspace for public consumption.  Believe it or not, despite the fact that I share bits and pieces of myself fr  om week to week, I’m an inherently private person who doesn’t like others all up in his bidness. 

This is me thinking. . .

By the way, I once was told that the reason Michigan looks like a mitten is because when God rested on the 7th Day He rested his hand on Michigan.  I suppose that also explains what he rested on Florida.  After all, you can’t spell “Peninsula” without P.E.N.I.S.     

Annnyyhoooo . . .

What I ultimately decided is that I’d share a bit more of my life with all of you in hopes that the bond that we have on a weekly basis would grow stronger.  There’s still a lot I won’t share but let’s explore the SLF, shall we? 


You’ll likely be surprised to know that the SLF was a reader of the blog who happened to shoot me an email about my famous Diaper Cake post.  The email was friendly and generic.  I thanked her and moved on with my day.  It’s not uncommon for me to get a ton of emails from readers when I ask for them and this one was no different. 

Now if you ask me, she continued to email me escalating the content until froth literally streamed from the monitor when I opened them.  I have my version…she has the truth.  After a couple of months of not hearing from her, she friended me on my Facebook page.  I accepted and thanked her for the invite.  We chatted via email and I eventually asked her if she’d like to meet me for a drink because I was headed to Dallas on business.  In case you haven’t put the pieces together, she lived in Dallas at the time.

I know what you’re all thinking.  In light of the fact that half of you are three quarters of the way through Fifty Shades of Darker or whatever the latest installment in that filthy trilogy is currently taking it’s undeserving ride on the New York Times Best Seller List, I suppose it’s fair to assume I was headed to town for a hook up. 

Granted, I’m a sucker for a pretty lady, but I was at a stage in my life at that time where I was just looking to be alone.  I’d just gotten out of an emotionally draining relationship and, frankly, hadn’t been taking good care of myself for a few months.  Ironically, minus the Red Room of Pain, I was a lot like Christian Grey:  serious, brooding, often angry, and self-loathing.  I was tired, depressed, out of shape, and a drink with someone who would view me as a clean slate seemed nice.  I travel a lot and I meet a lot of people.  I enjoy that, but I’m not an indiscriminate philanderer.  “Just drinks,” I told myself.  I meant it.   

By the way, before Dallas, I’d been in Montana on business and I met some very nice people there.  Here is a picture of me in Montana. 

We met for drinks, which turned into dinner, which turned into an extended phone call from my hotel room after I dropped her off that night.  Meeting her was a refreshing change from the clutter I’d allowed to enter my life and—although it would not materialize for a while—there was a certain peace I felt in her presence.  My mind was not elsewhere when we talked and I appreciated that even though I failed to recognize it right way.  I’d think you’d all agree that I have a certain talent for charm.  I have many faults, but I’ve always been able to make people laugh.  I’m always intrigued when I meet someone who charms me.    

After a few weeks, she made her first trip to Austin, Texas.  She and a noticeably heavier Some Guy (I’m like Elvis in 1976) attended a Longhorn Football game.

Let me pause again.  To understand where I was in my life at this point is a lot like understanding where Elvis was in 1976.  His confidence had waned.  He health had slipped.  He swallowed a lot of aggression (along with a lot of peanut butter and banana sandwiches).  Indeed, the only joy he experienced was when he was on stage.  Now look, I’m no Elvis, but there is a comparison to be made here.  My life was still spinning and I frankly didn’t care if it stopped.  The blog was my outlet and some of the posts that came out of me after a dozen Lone Stars in the middle of the night are my most creative.  The SLF didn’t see a wounded, alcohol soaked, class clown.  She saw beyond that apparently and she chose to be patient. 

We still attend Longhorn games. 

Now for those of you who have been following me for some time you’ll know that my childhood (and current) celebrity crush---well, aside from the fact that for the next 3 weeks my current crush will be Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones because I love my country in addition to having a firm appreciation for whoever chose the U.S. Women’s Track Team’s uniforms—is Diane Lane.  Notice the resemblance. 

And here….
That’s a nice bonus and I’ll be the first to admit, it hasn’t hurt the growth of my feelings over time although it’s not the first thing I see when she smiles. 

As time went on the blog grew and so did my fan base.  I went to a few meet and greets, traveled a lot for work, and continued to meet my buddies out for beers in various honky tonks across Austin.  In short, my old habits refused to leave me alone.  I made a lot of mistakes during that time.  I was often moody, selfish, impatient, and remained focused on the things I feared she would take from me.  In return, she was patient, kind, and she dealt with things that would have justifiably made any person insecure and jealous.  She never yelled, never threw a tantrum, and never spoke to me like a child although I acted like one more often than not. 

In retrospect, I liken this period in our relationship to the conversion of St. Augustine—a man who went from being raised a Catholic to not only becoming an atheist but actually an ardent supporter of a group trying to convince other Christians that God did not exist.  Eventually, after kicking and screaming his way away from the light, he became one of the biggest Christian apologists in the history of the Church. 

Look, that’s not a religious statement.  The comparison applies because, like St. Augustine, I was convinced that my value lied deep within a broken shell.  I was convinced that I didn’t deserve the patience of someone with the capability of making me see more.  Indeed, I didn’t deserve it at that point, but she gave it. 

This part of our relationship wasn’t all brooding and soul searching.  We had fun too.

We danced….

We hunted….

She drank…

She cooked . . .

She drank some more…

And I eventually relaxed enough to figure things out.

I regained my confidence, I lost a six pack of Lone Star in exchange for an actual six pack, and I got my head straight.  Granted, I’m still human and I still falter from time to time, but my focus is planted squarely in the right place these days. 

She chased me patiently, quietly, and eventually I realized what I had in front of me. 

She can look like this…

But she can also look like this…

She is caring, strong, understanding, humble, and she accepts me for exactly who I am.  She saw through what at the time was a cloudy exterior hiding what I had been and—eventually—what I am again. 

Which is why I gave her this….

Yes, the SLF will eventually become Mrs. Some Guy in Austin and despite the fact that I don’t deserve it, she’s accepted and she’s not likely to escape. 

Notice the shirt I chose for the engagement picture. 

And that’s where we are today.  Thanks to the SLF for peeking her head out of obscurity in order to indulge me this week.  I’ll keep you posted on the wedding planning process.  If nothing else, it’s bound to provide me with a mountain of material for the blog. 

Next week is the big finale on our favorite show.  My guess is Jef.  Good for that guy.  After that, it’s DP Tells All.  Send in your questions now and I’ll do my best to get to all of them.  In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be picking out napkins and tablecloths. 



  1. :O That is quite the ring!!! Congrats to you and SLF! Thank you to both you and her for sharing this bit with all of your adoring fans. :) I like the heart you put into all of your posts, DP, even when it's veiled in (sometimes perverted) humor. It's nice to see you happy! Congrats again!

  2. Can you hear the collective "awww?" I love when men say such sweet things about their women. Congrats to both of you!

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! Best post ever! I am so teary eyed right now. First of all, she is SO beautiful! Secondly, thank you for sharing that story, it was really moving. You know we all love you! Finally, HOLYSHIT!!!! that ring is amazing. Best wishes to you both, I couldn't be happier for you.

  4. PS, DP- you are looking fantastic, very healthy.

  5. How wonderful for you both. I wish you unending happiness! What a sweet love story you have shared with all your readers. Best wishes now and always DP!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like you guys make a great couple, and thanks for sharing her with us. :)

  7. Now I just have to break it to the bear!

    Stacey C., sorry about the florida joke. I couldn't resist! DP

  8. Congratulations! What a sweet story!

  9. DP, I expect nothing less from you. You better visit our peninsula sometime so Derek & the boys and I get to meet you!

  10. Congrats Some Guy! Could be my pregnancy hormones but reading that gave me goosebumps and a tear in my eye. You are a beautiful couple. Glad you found someone that is willing to wait and fight for you. Everyone deserves that. Cheers!
    -Tiffany from Beaverton

  11. Oh my gosh what a great story!!! Congratulations!

  12. Congratulations! I knew it!! Derek and the boys can be your wedding planners. LOL!!

  13. OMG - I don't even know you and I am smiling SO HARD right now. Thank you for sharing your story....

  14. DP, I think you need to thank Heather for convincing you to start blogging or you would not have met your lovely SLF. My warmest congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

    Can ABC count the two of you as a Bachelor/ette success story?

    1. i definitely think abc can count this as a bachelor success story. that being said, i hope to see you next week on the atfr where abc always parades out their successful couples. tell the hare i said hello!
      -laurie in ohio

  15. Sniff, sniff.....favorite post ever! Congrats, you make a lovely couple. Titia

  16. DP, thanks for sharing your love story. SLF is one lucky girl, and you're a lucky guy! By the way, Silver Oak Vineyards is in my neck of the woods in Northern CA. My hubby and I love their Cabernet, it's our very favorite. You should serve that at your reception! Congrats to both of you!

  17. Love it!!! Congrats!!!
    Great post!!!
    Oh, and you KNOW I love a wedding!!!

  18. Wow, congrats! That's a great story!

  19. Congratulations! Nothing better than finding the person who sees the best in you even when you can't and makes you better for it. Great post! I bet this post will be bookmarked by Mrs Some Guy for good. Be happy!
    Donna in California

  20. It's a very strange but wonderful feeling to be so happy for a complete stranger! Congratulations DP and SLF! I wish you many many years of happiness!
    Linda in Philly

  21. Congrats! I wish you and the SLF the best of luck! :-)

  22. Congratulations! Your fiancée is beautiful and she looks sweet. So many of us watch "our show" hoping to see two people fall in love..we haven't had a real love story since Trista and Ryan...thank you for giving us yours!
    Cheryl in Nevada

  23. What wonderful news! Congratulations to you both!

  24. Talk about a VERY special post! I'm so happy for both of you. You're both lucky to have found each other. She sounds as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I wish you every happiness!

    By the way, your blog is my favorite, no contest.

    Denise in Alabama

  25. congrats to you both! your children will eventually love to read this post!
    -laurie in ohio

  26. Yaaaaaaaay!!! That is wonderful. I am so happy for you both.

  27. I love that the ring picture is over the screen with the blog on it...rather poetic.

    Congrats to you both!

  28. Congratulations! I can't wait to read the wedding planning posts. A guys view is always funny!

  29. Thank you all for your kind feedback. I want all of you to know that I've committed to taking off my wedding ring when I go to bars. I'd hate to scratch it up. I'm considerate that way. DP

  30. DP! Congrat's! She's gorgeous. There's no way your kids won't be beautiful with the two of you as parents! Thanks so much for sharing. We've all always known what a great guy you are. And that ring...WOW. Do you still have a place to live? You did good.

    BTW, love the hiney picture. Work has gotten in the way of reading your blog so I'm 'behind'.

    Cindy - also from Alabama

  31. I've been reading this while at work and I'm sure that anyone who sees me is wondering why I have such a big grin on my face...nothing that I can add to all the happy posts before me, so happy for you, congratulations! Perhaps if you get your wedding ring tatooed on your finger you won't have any concerns about scratching it!!! Just a thought........
    B from NY

  32. Congrats DP and SLF. I am very happy and thrilled for both of you. Definitely one of my favorite posts. I really enjoyed the pics as well. However, I just could not help but wonder what Derek's reaction was and what went through his mind when he saw the picture of you laying on a raft in your swimming pool. My guess is that it probably resembled the scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High with Pheobe Cates and Judge Reinhold in the backyard swimming pool.

    "Hi Derek, you know how cute I always thought you were"

    "Does anyone know how to knock?"

    All kidding aside...Great news. Very cool!


  33. DP and SLF, I am so happy for you both and this is one memorable blog. It brought tears to my eyes and a big smile to my face. I had the pleasure of meeting SLF last year at the meet and greet in Houston. In that short period of time I could tell she was indeed a special person. Congratulations to you both! Love the ring!

  34. congrats!!! what awesome news! and the ring is AMAZING!

  35. What a lovely story, DP. And your SLF is THE spitting image of Diane Lane! Congrats to you both!


  36. OH MY GOD...I was right! DP - Me and the boys are so happy for you and SLF. My two friends Fabian and Chazz actually cried while reading. This post is by far my favorite. The boys and I found it so touching. With that said, I've always held on to a glimmer of hope that you could be convinced to switch sides. However, after reading your story I guess me and the boys will have to come to grips with reality. If someone was going to steal you away I'm glad it was someone like SLF. You go girl!!!!!

    Also, loved your comment about Florida. All I can say is if Floria is the penis then what does that make Alabama and Georgia? I'll let you guys figure that one out. You gave our beloved Sun Shine State new meaning, Some Guy!

    Oh, and I almost forgot. MH - LOL!!! Real funny about the Fast Times movie reference. Funny but gross. I prefer to think of the pool scene with Matt Dillon and Denise Richards/Neve Campbell as closer to what I might imagine. Nice try MH!!!

    Love and laughs,
    Derek and the boys

  37. So happy for you, DP! All the best to you and your lady.

  38. Congrats!! It's a good thing you started this blog in the first place!

  39. Long time reader, first time to comment!! Just have to say congratulations from Mississippi! It is strange to feel so happy for someone I have never met. Your blog is the first thing I go to on Tuesdays! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and you! Congrats again!!!

  40. DP & SLF~ CONGRATS! Marriage is the best thing ever and I am so happy for both of you! I have never met either of you, but those of us who have been around a while reading your blogs have seen the change in you DP and she is one lucky girl. I have been married for 13 years to my best friend and I wish you a lifetime of happiness. We all expect a wedding picture once it happens! May you always see each other the same way you do today...marriage is all about what you make of it! Kim in NV

    PS~ Now if we could just find a great guy for our gal Lincee! Maybe your SLF has some guy friends she could recommend!

  41. Kim in NV, I'm a lawyer. I have no friends. And let's not get carried away with the "marriage is the best thing ever" talk. We all know that Lone Star Beer is the best thing ever. Marriage? A distant second. Thanks for writing!

    Thanks to the first time commenters too. It's nice to know the post was touching. And we all know how I like my post touched. DP

  42. DP~One more thing my husband never wears a ring (he's a farmer and afraid it will get caught in farm equipment and rip off his finger) and he always reminds me that being married is how you act not what you wear on your finger. Whether I am with him or not he always acts married. May sound funny to most people, but it's true!

  43. @ Derek - One small correction. You referenced Matt Dillon in the pool scene with Neve Campbell and Denise Richards. That love scene was actually in a bedroom. If I remember correctly there was a steamy pool scene with both of the women that you mentioned, but the only guy in the scene was Kevin Bacon hiding in the bushes filming the love scene. So, are you the pervert hiding in the bushes??? I'm not sure which is worse...being Judge Reinhold in the bathroom peaking out a window or Kevin Bacon sneaking around in the shadows like a little pervert. Help me out here?


  44. Congratulations!! I just got engaged over Memorial Day. Her ring is beautiful. Nice work DP! You make a fine looking couple :)


  45. Dixie, congrats to you are also in order. Thanks for taking the time to comment. DP

  46. Dear DP,

    Everyone else has covered what I would've said about your SLF (Special Lady Fiancee) eventually to be Mrs. Some Guy. She is as lucky to have found you as you are to have found her. Yes, she resembles (but is actually lovelier than Diane Lane--i.e., has a wicked twinkle in her eye because she got you, babe) You have been so generous in sharing these important times of your life and I for one am amazed. Your loved one is also very generous to let herself be known and shown to loyal DP-lovers, some of whom from what I read, are DP-lusters, esp. after the bear affair! Guess she was able to bear that!

    Coincidentally, I just now read this during a personal event with my daughter's marriage and Thank goodness they decided they love each other too much to part after 4-1/2 years.

    It was when you wrote that your Lady put up with you during your dark period that harkened me to daughter's marriage and I think (I hope) it is sinking in with him as well it is because of love, trust and acceptance. Anyway, thank you for sharing your life with us. Seems unlike my daughter & her hubby, you got all the bulls**t out of the way before you tie the knot.

    So although I always enjoy your Bachelor/& Ette blogs, this Off Season one, and the responses thereto, made me realize how many people think of you. She is lucky, and so are we.
    Macedonian Hussy

  47. I rarely comment, but I wanted to wish you all the best. Congratulations! Happy that the two of you have found each other. :)

  48. Oh, and nice fucking rock! SLF is a very lucky lady.

  49. WOW! Thank y'all so much for the sweet comments! I smiled through my tears as I read DP's post and I am doing the same as I read your comments. Thank you! I am one lucky and very happy girl!

    First time commenter and long time reader,

    P.S. I love B in NY's idea for DP's next tattoo! Perfect!

  50. I wish there was a 'like' button on here, SLF!

  51. I am getting over some serious jet lag after being in Singapore and this was one of the first blogs I had to read when I could stay awake long enough. What a great thing to find out! Congrats to you both! I am sure she shares your same wicked humor or she never would have wanted to meet you -you are both very lucky. Can't wait to read about the planning, etc. Your spin on that will make for some hilarious posts.

    I join the other readers in saying it's weird to feel happy for somebody I have never met. Best of luck to you both

    Sal in Utah

  52. Come on, Sal. We are all happy for Katie Holmes, aren't we?

  53. Hadn't thought of that! But hers seemed more like a contract than a marriage and I know that's not what you and Mrs Some Guy will have.

    Sal in Utah

  54. WOW! Thanks for sharing your engagement story with us readers! I wish both of you the joy and love of a life-long great marriage. Some of us who have been married 20+ years could use the same! You are an inspiration to us all.
    I am a 57 year old pediatrician in Los Gatos, CA who went to med school/residency in San Antonio when I was single, so I feel something of a connection. With your Diane Lane attraction, no wonder you appeal to all of us older women.
    Good luck to both of you.
    Susan in CA

  55. It took me a few days to realize this, but I think we just got an "off season" post during the season. As much as I enjoy the season posts. I've always loved the off season posts even more. This one, however, is definitely my favorite of all time. For a lot reasons....I'm proud of you bro!


  56. Some guy, this post--by far one of your best :) And that's saying something, because I love your blog (*cough*cough* usually. I'm the "disappointed" post from a few weeks back. Thanks for being a gentleman with your reply, I appreciate it, and will keep reading...sometimes with one eye half closed ;). I've always loved your male (and Texan~!) perspective of this show, and your off season posts are full of great stories. I've followed them since...Jake's season? And can honestly say that I am elated for you to have found such a gorgeous woman, both inside and out! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into you personal life and softer side...I daresay you may gain quite a few more followers posting something like this :) This post was the type of post all women dream of their men writing about them, and better than any "Bachelor/ette" love story I've seen yet :) Congratulations to you both~!

  57. Disappointed, I'm thrilled you've chosen to stick around. I'll throw in a couple extra anatomy jokes just for you next time. DP

  58. DP and SLF- Nice rock! DP, you done good! Best wishes to you both, along with many many years of love and laughter. I think this proposal does count as a legit Bachelor success story. So was it MH who encouraged you to write the blog in the first place? If so, major lifetime best bud street cred for leading you to your true love! Please tell me you and SLF will host a post wedding, mini reception in either ATX or Dallas (at a local honky Tonk) so we readers can show up and buy you both an ice cold Lone Star.

    Texas Tea

  59. Tea, it was HM who founded the blog. MH just loves to stir the pot. We will definitely do an Austin meet and greet. Thanks for the well wishes. DP

  60. First time commentor... Reader since Jake's season. Just wanted to say congrats and that your off season posts about relationships always speak volumes to me. Best wishes to the both of you.


  61. So will SLF become MLF (married lady friend?) You know what MLF sounds like, right? ;)

  62. Derek (and the boys)- I kept checking to see if you had commented, and of course, I laughed my a$$ off (by the way, why do people bother to try and cover their swearing? It's obvious that I am saying "ass" but I suppose it's an "attempt" at being polite?) at your post. Going to be in Key West in September, I wish I could talk you into meeting me down there for some day drinking! (I'll be on a cruise... OKAY, my honeymoon, but still, I totally want to meet you and the boys and have some cocktails)

  63. Just watched the finale. Sigh... Wow wow Wow! ... in over ten years of watching the show, that was one of the sweetest endings ever. As a momma, his behavior and manners say volumes about the quality of his values and those who helped shaped them. Thank you God for the world so sweet. Looking forward to your recap. TxT

  64. Cogratulations to you both...BTW, beautiful ring - Neil Lane would be proud!

    Neddamk : )

  65. Some Guy, best recap ever. I think you and Neil Lane must have bonded over some Lone Star's. Nice ring. I couldn't be happier for the you and SLF. LASS

  66. So very happy for both of you!! Love is a wonderful thing!!

  67. All - I can't tell you how thrilled I am for DP and the SLF. Mike and I had the honor of spending the weekend with them in Vail, and had a great time. As of yet, I haven't convinced DP that I deserve the flower girl role (I'm WAY to old to be a bridesmaid!) for putting them together and bringing the blog into existence, but I'm happy to help in whatever small way I can!
    When I asked him if he got the ring from Neil Lane, he had choice words for me (ok, I guess technically, Neil). But, I'm a lady and can't repeat them here! The ring is lovely, but the girl who wears it is even more so!
    I love reading all the comments (on season and off), so keep 'em coming. I know DP appreciates them!
    Can't wait for the off season posts!
    HM (and Mike)

  68. @ Tea - Yeah, it was HM who founded the blog. In fact, I lost touch with DP for serveral years and it was the blog (through a strange series of events) that got DP and I back in touch. I actually have HM to thank for that. I'm sure that Some Guy has already thanked HM over and over again for bringing me back into his life, but I guess she's long overdue for a thank you as far as I'm concerned.

    With that said, thanks HM for an coming up with a great idea that so many others are able to enjoy. You definitely deserve the credit for DP and I getting back in touch. Thank you!

    I also believe that beside meeting SLF, I'm probably the best thing to come into DP's life in a long time. DP, I'm sure, would tell you the same himself.


  69. Just reading this now, awwwww, great post!! I think I like holding out reading your blogs for Mondays when my work is slow, I get to enjoy it, and this was so sweet, worth taking time to read slowly ... Gorgeous ring! And gorgeous bride-to-be! Congratulations!

  70. Thanks, Clare. You'll notice I'm ignoring MH's self congratulatory comment above. DP

  71. Always know there is a good bromance between two guys when they lovingly bust each others balls. I will just leave it at that so that DP can chime in with an anatomy joke :-)

  72. Loving this story and loving SLF!! Congrats!! Thanks for sharing, DP!!

  73. Beautiful ring. Would you share how many carats that is? I hope to get one like it.

  74. Isn't it rich--Are we a bunch
    You with your blog on the web--
    In a time crunch
    And where are the clowns
    Send in the clowns....
    [oops!] we are said clowns.

    Isn't it f>>>>d? Ain’t it unreal?
    MH, & Derek, et moi, await your next spiel?
    Send in the clowns
    But not ALL the clowns
    --got "Groban" last year

    Just when I thought—I’d read it all--
    Reading your wit and your wisdom
    Which had me enthrall'd
    Picture you blogging your episodes,
    [flanked by emptIES of] Lone Star
    Sure of response
    "Loved it," so far…

    Then we get this—
    --a love story true
    You, dear, have outdone yourself,
    --you wordmaster you!
    [DP] Send in the clowns
    There ought to be clowns
    Don't bother..we’'re here.

    Alex the Grape's Mom [really reaching]
    from Macedonia

  75. are you going to recap bachelor pad this season? would love to read your thoughts on that trainwreck!

  76. Yay for you guys! I love an awesome story. Well deserved! Cheers to us who found happiness who never expected it! Ever in chicago, we're your friends!

  77. AWESOME!! loving the send in the clowns rendition! Hilariously funny! Wish I could hear you sing it 'cus I'm sure you would be laughing.:-) TxT

  78. That's some love story ;) I'm a sucker for a happy ending, especially for smart-alec-wise-cracking-types. I'm glad she let you post such a personal entry!

    And the ring is beautiful, so we know despite the Lone Star consumption, you took some notes during the Bachelor ring selection shows.

    Just to be sure that this isn't too gushy, I'd like to add that if Florida is the "peninsula", yes, then Alabama is the crotch. I know, I lived there. I once told my father that it was so humid that it was like having your face in a crotch. He did not enjoy my humor.

    Thanks for your continuous wit on this blog when obviously, you have some pretty important other aspects of life going on. Congrats!

    Chris (from Michigan)

  79. Omg! You trying to make me cry at work?! lol. I've been reading your blog for a very long time but have never posted a comment. It is imperative that I post one today. Congratulations to you both! I'm sure the SLF totally thought it was worth it to come out of hiding ...that was very well-written Some Guy! Beautiful testament to love.

  80. Wow! Congratulations Some Guy! Very excited for you and the future Mrs. Some Guy. You deserve to be happy. :) Thanks for giving us a peek into your life.

  81. Congrats! Very nice story and very nice ring. You are a great looking couple! I love that you met through your blog!!!

    p.s. why don't you smile bigger in your pictures? Are you missing a few teeth or something? For some reason I thought it was funny that in every picture your mouth is closed. :)

  82. Hey, Why did you spell vail with an a and not an e?

  83. Vail, CO. That's how the name of the town is spelled.

  84. So I'm quite behind on reading up but just wanted to say how lovely that your writing not only brought you thru a difficult time but also to your new love. Life turned on a dime, no?

  85. Oh my goodness, congratulations! I haven't been here in a while, because work and wedding planning has taken over for the last month, but I'm so happy for you! Thank you for sharing your story, gives me motivation to get my butt in gear.
    Take care, keep us posted on the wedding updates. :)

  86. Oh yeah dude. I'd hit that. Nice. Way outta your league though. Does she have some white shorts we can see her wearing? lol...seriously, congrats D. All the best to both of you.

  87. It's so comforting to know that there really is a way to find true love. Especially after you've broken so many hearts. Congrats to you and SLF.
    -Some Girl