Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bachelor Recap Episode 12: After the Final Rose

Hello, Readers. Welcome to a special Thursday post of your favorite blog. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you. Top O’ the Mornin’ to ya, Erin Go Bragh, and whatever other Irish expression suits your fancy. I, for one, will be sipping cold Lone Star beer out of a bottle later today while watching a majority of revelers pretend to enjoy price-gouged, flat, green food coloring-filled keg beer from a giant plastic cup before being forced to puke in a 4th Street alley because the street festival failed to anticipate the correct number of port-o-cans to order. Overcharged and oppressed, just like the Irish. It’s a great holiday, isn’t it?

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day this special edition will be filled with Irish references. I hope you can spot all of them. With the big season over and our new couple being slowly weaned from the ABC udder, we head into the After the Final Rose show. My end-of-season shout out goes to a reader named Bianca who I believe lives in Dallas. Bianca has sent me a few messages via Facebook over the past few seasons, but she is almost always the first person to comment on postings. She’s been a loyal, dedicated reader for a few seasons now. Thanks, Bianca. Your posts don’t go unnoticed. With that out of the way, let’s get to the Special Irish Edition of the After the Rose Post.

We begin with our host Chris O’Harrison appearing in one of the two shows where he actually has to work. He arrives to the overwhelmingly energetic applause of the gussied up crowd of 25-50 year old women, all of whom have waited in line for hours like Irish coal miners at the company store on pay day just to get a glimpse of O’Harrison’s dashing blue eyes and comely smile.

Realizing he’s only got an hour, O’Harrison doesn’t beat around the potato bush. It was dramatic, emotional, and Brad and Emily will be out soon he tells us. First, we need to check in on this season’s roller coaster, Chantal O’O. Like a roller coaster, she’s been up and down and ridden hard. The least we can do is see what she’s up to.

Arriving to sympathetic looks and a round of “we’re jealous you slept with Brad but sorry you got dumped” applause, Chantal O’O makes her way to the hot seat in a fitted red cocktail dress looking skinnier and healthier than the last time we saw her---at least on the outside.

Harrison pushes the on switch with a simple question and Chantal O’O spits out weeks of accumulated thoughts in a rehearsed, cathartic speech amid poor baby looks from the audience. O’Harrison revels in the uncomfortable silence—or perhaps he was just as bored as I was. Chantal lets us know that she was “confident” about a marriage proposal after she kissed Brad’s blarney stone in the Fantasy Tree House all night. Of course, we all know that was wishful thinking, but hey, I’m sure it was fun while it lasted. As we’d soon find out, her decision to Erin Go Bra-less in the Fantasy Suite will haunt Brad more that it will ever haunt her.

Chantal clichés her way through the next portion of the segment. She’s “strong” now and “everything happens for a reason” she tells us. Of course, that’s what people say when something really sh*tty happens to them for absolutely no reason at all. I’m sure that’s what the Irish said when fungus ate up all of their potatoes and they were forced to avoid starvation by jumping on a ship and coming to Oklahoma.

Everything happens for a reason? I had no idea that Chantal was a Calvinist. I’m not an expert, but something tells me that God’s plan has a lot of To Do items on it that rank above “Have Brad Womack Bang Chantal O. in a South African Tree House So that She Can Gain Perspective on Her Divorce,” but what do I know?

O’Harrison stirs the pot a bit before bringing out Brad O’Womack in his grey suit and matching tie. Doesn’t this guy every shave for crying out loud? That five o’clock shadow look is so Magnum P.I. He should just cap it off with a full mustache, some short corduroy shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a Detroit Tigers cap. Not surprisingly, Chantal O’O begins to cry. (Insert Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”). Incidentally, Prince—who is not Irish—wrote that song.

For fear of boring you and pissing myself off, I’ll sum up the entire segment in this paragraph. After a tearful “why not me” from Chantal, O’Womack basically tells her that he was in love with Emily the entire time and took her to the final because he had to take someone. Ashley was too annoying to put out, Michelle was too crazy not to, and she was somewhere in the middle. Whatever. Chantal cries some more in direct contradiction of her “I’ve moved on” and “I’m over it” statements before telling us that she’s met some dude with the balls to wait at the Seattle airport with a “Chantal” sign near Baggage Claim. Want to bet that he saw her parents’ house and hightailed it over to whatever bar he knows she frequents after practicing with his garage band for a few hours? Good for you, Chantal. You dodged a big, angry car bomb when Brad dumped you. There’s a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, Chantal.

In the spirit of more clichés O’Womack tells us that “that woman” (Emily) “makes him a better person” and that he’s “in love with that woman more than he’s ever been.” After “thank you-ing” the audience for responding to the “Applause, please” sign, Brad continues to shock and awe us by revealing (Gasp!) trouble in paradise. Like Leo Bloom in Joyce’s Ulysses, Brad somberly reflects upon the mistakes in his relationship with Emily. Alright, James Joyce was Irish and I figured I’d throw it in there. Brad could be Leo Bloom if Leo Bloom shaved his chest, drank protein shakes, and covered himself in Axe Body Spray.

The crowd ooooh’s and ahhhh’s at the mere mention of a break up. Frankly, I don’t know why this shocked anyone. He’s a 38 year old single guy with an absent father issue who has worked in college bars for most of his adult life. He lives in a town populated with 18-28 year old active, in-shape, single women who routinely go to those bars and hand out their numbers to guys like Brad. He’s never had to answer to anyone and he’s probably never been ordered to go to Home Depot and a candle store in the same day. Emily is 14 years younger than Brad and has been a mother since she was 19 years old. Why does it shock anyone that they could have a few problems to work out before she packs up her daughter and moves West?

After letting Brad set the stage, O’Harrison brings out Emily. Sporting a wonderful white, strappy dress with black trim in all of the right places, Emily emerges looking more mature with her low lights and complimentary make up. Frankly, I was disappointed she didn’t wear the white shorts, but I think we’ve established that they’ve probably been donated to something for a good cause.

Like the Molly Maguires, Emily admits to resorting to angry tactics in order to get her way. Her relationship with Brad is “not all roses” but she’s “not letting him go.” That’s not exactly “I’m so in love with that woman” is it?

A shaky Emily shocks the audience by revealing that she’s not ready to get married and she couldn’t move to Austin. She reveals that Brad has “a bit of a temper” which really means that he’s a raging jackass when he doesn’t get his way. Odd, a 38 year old bachelor with a daddy issue who has anger issues? Go figure.

Emily tells us that she and Brad need to learn how to fight, deal with things, and communicate before she commits to anything. Say what you want about Emily (some of you already have), but she just proved herself to be far more mature than her much older “fiancé.” Anyone who has ever been in a constructive, successful relationship knows that it’s healthy to fight every now and then as long as the fight serves a purpose and the issues are dealt with constructively.

The fact that Brad—at his age—is not equipped with these skills does not bode well for a future with a 24 year old mother who plans to pack up her life and move to his city. If the relationship does end up working it will be because Emily had the discipline to consider these things before jumping off the life raft. If you’d like a good example of what can happen when people jump unprepared off the life raft, scroll through your DVR and watch Jake and Vienna’s interview. You’re luckier than you realize, Brad.

Emily lets us in on the fact that Monday nights brought with them great anxiety as she prepared to watch Brad repeat the same thing to every woman. O’Harrison has a flash of brilliance when he asks Emily with a straight face if Chantal was the most difficult to watch because “she naturally went the furthest.” Damn right she did, O’Harrison and Emily knows it. I’m certain that Brad’s Axe Body Deodorant was put to the test during this portion of our little program.

To be fair to Brad, a lot has come out about potential skeletons in Emily’s cute little closet over the past couple of weeks. He doesn’t need to wear a hairshirt around like some modern day Tartuffe. (That’s an Oscar Wilde reference for those of you who are counting. He was Irish). I’m sure that stuff hasn’t exactly been easy for him to deal with. However, he doesn’t have to watch her make out with half of Austin, either. Speaking of skeletons, if Emily needs any help hiding a bone, I’d be happy to help. Alright, that was a bit uncalled for. Funny, but uncalled for. I’ll stick to potato famine jokes.

After Emily goes on record admitting that her “edit” portrayed her as boring, O’Harrison tries to help a silent (and undoubtedly clueless) Brad out by pushing back on Emily for withdrawing emotionally at the sight of Chantal and her giant cans rolling all over Brad in the Fantasy Suite. Emily lets us know that Brad’s family warned her about Brad’s temper. Brad’s family wondered if Emily had “poked the bear.” Assuming that the bear refers to Brad and depending on the contextual definition of “poke,” I think it’s fair to say that Emily is upset because Chantal “poked” the bear before she did. Frankly, the bear could have saved himself a lot of aggravation if he just lied to Emily about that.

The Irish flag might be green, white, and orange, but the fact that his family felt the need to warn Emily about his temper, my friends, is a giant red flag in my book, especially considering that Lil’ Ricki will be around when that aforementioned temper flares. The Titanic was built in Ireland and we all know how that ended up. As we cut to break, we wonder if the S.S. Brad and Emily isn’t headed at full speed toward a giant iceberg.

My take. Look, here’s what I think happened. In the interest of full disclosure I’ll tell you that I do have some inside information about this, but I’m not at liberty to say where I got it. Suffice it to say that it’s from someone close to the source.

Brad broke the rules and told Emily VERY early in the game that she was the one he was going to pick. She believed that to be the case for almost the entirety of the taping of the show. That explains her complete lack of jealousy and her willingness to simply turn her back on what ultimately drove women like Chantal and Ashley H. batty enough to be eliminated. Because of that early promise, Emily believed (and I think rightfully so) that Brad would not, shall we say, indulge in the carnal pleasures of another woman. Apparently that didn’t happen and Brad was forced to tell Emily the full story—in great detail—as the show unfolded from week to week. Aaaaaaand, cut to After the Final Rose.

Moving on . . .

In an effort to further perpetuate our “therapy helps” theme, the next segment focuses on the few Bachelor success stories. The good news is that O’Harrison had to get on the horn just three times in order to get all of the success stories in the studio to “advise” Brad and Emily on making it through life in the fish bowl.

Let’s see. There was Ali, who looked lovely in purple but was still annoying. She arrived at the studio sporting many accessories that, while existing only in the background, complimented her appearance; like her earrings, necklace, and Roberto, for instance.

Of course, Jason and Molly were there. Jason still dresses like a limo driver and Molly looked like Jane Seymour. Finally, there was the Holy Grail of Bachelor couples, Ryan and Trista. I thought it would have been a nice touch if the six of them would have shown up in traditional Celtic outfits and formed a line behind O’Harrison dressed as Michael Flatley and performed an interpretive Riverdance demonstrating the potential pitfalls of reality dating shows.

Frankly, I actually found that segment to be the best one of the show. All of the past “winners” seemed genuinely interested in helping. Perhaps that will make a difference. I’m certain that Emily got her turn to complain to Trista, Ali, and Molly over a few cosmos in the Green Room after the show while Jason and Ryan secretly congratulated Brad for dropping the hammer on Chantal before proposing to Emily. Roberto probably couldn’t join that meeting considering that his permission slip went unsigned in Ali’s purse right next to his dignity and his testicles. If he’s good, he’ll have an opportunity to visit both of those things in a week or so.

Harrison resumes control of the bus and leads Brad and Emily back to less adversarial days when they’re love was fresh and new and the air smelled like dew soaked shamrocks on the banks of an Irish spring. Perhaps that was Brad’s Axe Body Spray, but you get the picture.

Brad and Emily watch their engagement again. Considering the way Emily was ambushed this season with the private jet and the race car dates, I half expected unedited shots of Brad and Chantal in the Fantasy Suite to flash up on screen.

As they relive their finest moment in picture-in-picture, we see an audience shot of Roberto as he wonders why Brad didn’t have to ascend 300 steps in overbearing tropical humidity and heat dressed in a suit in order to propose while sweating profusely over his muse. Although we didn’t get a shot of it, I’m certain that Deanna threw her glass of chardonnay at the flat screen television in her fiancé’s living room. She’s about as over Brad’s dumping as Chantal is. I’m happy to know they’ll soon bond at one of those ABC-sponsored orgies.

Reminded that they believe that they sort of fell in love once some time ago . . . maybe, Emily and Brad “I love you” each other to death before he breaks out the newly sized Neil Lane engagement ring and places it back upon Emily’s finger where it will remain—like Excalibur—until the right man comes along and removes it.

Harrison takes us home by wishing Brad and Emily the best and then throws in an “I really do” showing that he’s always in control regardless of what appears on the teleprompter.

Well, there you have it. As always, I appreciate the readership, the comments, the emails, and the attendance at the meet and greets. Please stick around for my off season posts which will still be posted on Tuesdays in addition to an occasional mid-late week post if I can find the time and, more importantly, the inspiration to write that much. Next week’s post will be a third installment of DP Tells All. Please continue to send in your questions for me in addition to any ideas you would like to see me write about. Without your prodding, I’m as boring as a sober Colin Farrell.

For those of you who will not read, please come back this summer when I plan to dissect our favorite spin off show, Bachelor Pad 2. In the meantime, if you need me, I’ll be walking around downtown not wearing green in hopes of getting Emily to pinch me. DP


  1. As a first time reader of your blog, I absolutely loved reading your take on The Bachelor every week. I truly did, I mean it. Looking foward to reading your take on the Bachelor Pad and the Bachelorette aka Fivehead tries again :)

  2. Worth the wait, as always. I laughed like a 12 year old boy at the 'hiding the bone' comment - love it. My other favorite is the visual of Deanna because it rings so true. Glad you'll be taking care of us in the off season.

    Ann in Denver

  3. Happy St. Patty's Day! This has to be one of your better posts and all of them are hysterical. I love reading your take on all that is Bachelor/ette. Can't wait for your off season posts. And I cannot wait for the recaps of Fiveheads season as Bachelorette. I am not sure I can stomach actually watching the show...unless she is sitting on her hands. That woman works my last nerve. I may have to rely on your recaps - as well as Lincee's!

  4. Long time lurker, first time poster. GREAT posting and analysis. I spewed my Coke more than once on my keyboard due to the laughter. Keep it coming. I can't wait for your next non-Bachelor posts. Keep up the great work!

    And if ever in the DC Metro area, let me know. There are a few of us out here who are jealous of your Texas meet and greets.

  5. Happy St. Patty's day! Loved all the Irish references (O'O). And the inside scoop!!!

  6. Great post, as always, DP. Please tell us you will write about Fivehead as the Bachelorette too? You only mentioned Bachelor Pad - the show that makes me want to scrub my eyeballs after I watch it.

    My favorite line of this post: " I didn't know Chantal was a Calvinist." As a Presbyterian, that made me laugh out loud for quite a while!

    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and wit with all of us. Philly is a nice place for a meet and greet too!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out, DP! (and yes, I'm in Dallas) :o) I should be thanking you for making the most of this very vanilla season of Bachelor Brad, the sequel. I do not think I can watch Ashley's season (though I may consider it only so I can fully appreciate your blogs). Already looking forward to the next week's off-season post. Cheers!

  8. I'm with Mary: loved the Irish references but am most impressed with the inside info you obtained, Some O'Guy. It certainly explains a lot, but why would Brad (of all people) commit so early? Was it in response to a concern or threat that Emily would leave the show (legitimately worried about her daughter or manipulatively to win the"prize")? Can you please check with Deep Throat and get back to us?

    Assuming these two are still together (I have real doubts), it won't be for long. Just promise that you'll keep blogging/entertaining us when you end up with Emily or a reasonable facsimile thereof! Speaking of which, will you be divulging juicy, personal relationship stories in the upcoming installment of DP Tells All?

  9. Loved it, DP!!! Every week is awesome. Thanks, by the way, for the multiple Irish references. know what sound spagetti makes when it hits the wall? Just kidding. Even as one of your readers with Irish heritage, I cracked up at every one of your references.

    I can't imagine how you can come up with this much entertaining material over the course of a few hours that evening and part of the next day while trying to work at your "real job". I admire your proficiency and flair as a writer and knack for entertaining. I believe that you have someting that is special and appears to come natural. It's always great to laugh and it brightens up our day, but I also read because it's refreshing to see a gifted person use their talents to create something that all of us can enjoy, but most of us could never duplicate. Keep up the incredible work.


  10. "Roberto probably couldn’t join that meeting considering that his permission slip went unsigned in Ali’s purse right next to his dignity and his testicles. If he’s good, he’ll have an opportunity to visit both of those things in a week or so."

    "Considering the way Emily was ambushed this season with the private jet and the race car dates, I half expected unedited shots of Brad and Chantal in the Fantasy Suite to flash up on screen." - LOL PURE GOLD:D

    Thanks for entertaining us all season every season. I don't know how we'll all make it through a season watching 5 head or her new latino alter, but thank goodness you'll be making us laugh about it!

    -Another Bianca from facebook.

  11. Great finish to the season! I find it frustrating when people expect Emily to just uproot after the show finished taping with kid in tow. She has a little girl and wouldn't you want to make sure it was the best thing for both of you before moving a child out? I just don't get why people don't get that. Had to rant a bit itbugged me.

    Happy Drinking Day and ready fir DP Tells All!

    Post It Girl

  12. Brad just wanted a trophy wife, and Emily is beautiful. But, she should be very aware of his temper. If they are having fights already, I advise her to end it now, because the fights will only get more intense once he has her trapped in a marriage. She would be a fool to leave her very nice home and all that grandchild support.
    Chantal was really into Brad, and he lost out on an almost ideal mate. However, I question her new relationship with that "perfect" guy. He took one look at her parent's house and the dollar signs in his eyes lit up. It just seems too good to be true that she could find a perfect guy in such a short time.
    I wonder how she could date openly before the final episode aired. That dating would give away the ending.

  13. Anony - I just worry that Chantal is in a rebound. Plus, would that temper get worse or is that something they could work on together? As in is this just something Brad needs to over come on his own with help (Dr. Jammie or otherwise) or is this something they can work on together with help as well? Thoughts?

  14. Only marginally related to your post, did you happen to see/hear Zach Galifianakis' Axe Body Spray joke from his monologue on SNL last week? Made me think of your blog. You can watch it here (

  15. Both recaps were swell, DP. I just received my haiku prize in the mail! My kids were all, "huh?". However, I am feeling a little bitter-- like Chantal at the ATFR show--that I didn't even get a comment from you about my metaphor entry! Truly! Luckily Channy has taught me that life goes on...

    Speaking of Channy--don't you think Brad downplayed all feelings for her in order to preserve what's left of his shriveled testicles? He had to throw Chantal under the proverbial hippo to make his love for Em seem more important. Sweet Em seems like a real nutcracker. I actually kind of liked that side of her. She made a valid point about being portrayed as boring--she spent the season living in Barbie's Dream House even on her dates w/Brad while the other girls actually got to do adventurous stuff (hehehe) with him.

    I actually think they're acting like a normal couple and not glossing over the problems. Ricky Bobby's family can't be making the thought of a move easy for her and she has to be sure. On the other hand, early promise to her or not, she had to know what show she was on. DP, are you sure Chantal was Womacked in the fantasy tree house (they may have been too preoccupied worrying about what they were going to do about their fantasy bodily functions...)? That would warrant her inability to get over Monday night viewings...otherwise, it's par for the course on that show.

    Other random thoughts...loved Emily's new look--she no longer looks like an extra on Three's Company! How horrible must Li'l Ricki be that Emily has nothing good to say about motherhood. A kid can only puke and go to the ER so many times...there is the occasional hug and handmade card to make up for it. After listening to Emily warning Brad about parenthood I started looking into putting my own up for adoption!

    Looking forward to your off-season posts. Enjoy SXSW!

  16. Under normal circustances, I would be worried about arguements and fights that early on in a relationship. However, this is about as far from a normal beginning as I could imagine. If I had to spend the first 30 days competing against other men, then the next month away from my fiance watching videos of her with other men while we were dating, it would definitely set the stage for some pretty intense knock down drag outs. I would imagine both of our tempers would be tested. In other words, you could say that the "bear got poked". Maybe just the fact that they are still together through all of that is a testiment to their love. Sorry DP....I know that you're out there somewhere biting your fingernails down to the nub.

  17. I admire your optimism, MH. No matter how misguided it may be. We all know that Emily will tire of "I really dos" and "I mean thats" and that's when I'll make my move.

    scraptordelight, interesting points. my inside informant (and it's a good one) has confirmed that Channy got "womacked" in the tree house. that's essentially emily's big issue. truly. i mean that. DP

  18. of course, here in NYC st patricks day means a grazzillion people drunk but you can't have a beer on the train .... St Patrick wasn't even freaking Irish ... I actually didn't watch the AFTR show - been a little busy at work with the earthquake/tsunami thing (I trade currency derivatives, yeah I'm one of those guys) but the explanation you have above seems very plausible. Basically I'm amazed nobody has said this before - as far as I can see the role of the Bachelor/ette is to make out with as many people as possible in as short a time as possible under the pretence that flying in helicopters and jumping off cliffs is in some way good preparation for any kind of long term relationship. It's actually quite astounding that ANY couple is still together (although not as amazing as Jake being on Dancing With The stars - which you could totally review DP). Basically Brad is an idiot frat boy bar owner with little in the way of money or potential and she has a daughter, a past and family who are willing to shower her with love and money in whereever it is (Carolina? somewhere? can't be bothered to look it up). It doesn't take a genius to say this isn't gonna happen.

    Roll on Tuesday,


  19. Ben, Nice analysis with one exception. Mr. Womack and his brothers own about a half dozen bars and restaurants around town. They range from collgey to fancy and their group does extremely well on the back end of those. He's got plenty of money. However, to your point, he doesn't have Hendrick's Racing money. It's good to have another male on the comment list. Keep writing. DP

  20. Here's the thing: Emily is no dumb bunny. She knows that she has Brad on a leash and can continue to work it for more Louboutins and Cartier bracelets for as long as she wants. At 25, she is young, but I am sure she is well aware that she needs to get a ring put on it soon because she is moving towards the older end of the marrying age for Southern gals (at least from what I've seen in Nashville)...and as gorgeous as she is, let's be honest, there are a lot of girls who look an awful lot like her here in the Southern half of the U.S., who don't have small children and steamer trunks of baggage.

    I can understand her wanting to get out of Carolina because living under the thumb of your dead former fiance's/ baby daddy's family can only be so fun for so long, even if it keeps you on the Hendrick gravy train. What guy does have Hendrick money? How is she going to know whether a guy is getting at her for her or for a piece of that Hendrick pie? If homegirl ever wants to get a sugar daddy/ husband, which is likely since she is a good ole Southern girl from W. VA who was ready to get married at 18, she has to git at it. I could totally see her giving it a go with B. Wo.

  21. DP, if your CI is correct, Emily is justifiably angry that Brad succumbed to Chantal's sham-rocks (a day late for that joke, I know). I'm concerned that Brad may turn Emily off to Austin and hurt your chances with her. Maybe an off-season Top Ten reasons Austin is so awesome is in order? Have a great weekend!

  22. allabout- Yes, Chantal is in a rebound. If I had a vote in the outcome, I would call for Emily to dump Brad and for Brad to call Chantal.

    Women always think they can change a guy once married, but it never happens. The temper will only get worse. So, Emily is in for a real bad time if she hooks up with Brad.
    I really have my doubts that Brad ever was in therapy. It just made for more drama on the show.
    Again, I wonder how Chantal was able to date openly before the final airing of the choice show. Comments?

  23. It won't work. Brad needs more therapy obviously.

  24. Lindsey - Very good stuff. You pointed out some things that I had never thought of. You also pointed out some things that had crossed my mind as just articulate it much better than I could have. Well done!! Thank you. By they way, are you the "Lindsey" that Some Guy is friends with and speaks so highly of?

  25. Anon - Just because Brad has a "temper", that does not necessarily mean that it gets worse and relationship is doomed. We really don't even know exactly what Emily means by "bad temper". If she means that he is at all abusive or dangerous, then by all means....get the hell away from someone like that. However, If she is referring to someone being emotional and getting angry on occasion because of everything that they have been through then that might be ok. Nothing wrong with poking the bear every so often, right? I've known of, well, lets just say a close friend of mine....anyway, in his younger days he had a pretty bad temper and did some pretty brutal things to other guys(verbal and physical). As he got older and fell in love, he matured and softened. This person has now been with his wife for 11 years and I know for a fact that he hardly ever raises his voice to his wife or child, much less let then see his bad temper that caused many people much heartache years ago. I guess my point is that tempers do not always get worse with time. Again, I would be curious to know as to how Emily defines "bad temper". Mean or abusive, no woman should ever have to tolerate that. Wearing your heart on your sleeve or poking the bear, that may not be so bad. Just my 2 cents.

  26. Brad's family warned Emily about his bad temper. When Emily was trying to get a definitive answer about their relationship as a family, Brad quickly got mad. She is just wanting to protect herself and her daughter. It is very difficult to have a relationship with someone who is not able to carry on a rational conversation about controversial topics. This can pertain to lovers or just good friends.

  27. When Brad's brothers asked Emily if Brad poked the bear, that was their warning to her about his short fuse (easily provoked temper). Later they explained that to her and gave her a warning about his temper in plain language. At age 38, it is highly unlikely that Brad will be able to change. Possibly, he could have changed at age 24 before getting too set in his ways.

  28. MH,

    Nope, that's Lincee I think...but I have no doubt that if me and DP were to ever make each other's acquaintance, we would be fast friends and he would then have great things to say about doubt about it. Truly ;-)

  29. ...and by DP and me I mean DP and I. (my Ivy league education would be all for naught if I let that sloppy Bacheloresque grammar slide).

  30. lindsey, I believe you mean "Dp and I's relationship would be solid" to use proper Bachelor terminology. I stand corrected on the state of the Womack/Pickelsimer family fortune however.
    It';s the first day of spring and we're forecasting snow.


  31. lindsey, contrary to popular belief I do understand and accept incorrect grammar in the context of both casual converstaion and writing. MH, you make some valid points that frankly only men can truly understand but women who have been exposed to violence in a relationship are understandably wary of. I will say that I agree with some of the other comments that the fact that Brad is 38 and still has these issues means they are likely hard wired at this point. We all know it's a lot different acting like a jerk from 18-25 than after 38. Depending on the severity of the issue, it just might be his undoing--particularly in a relationship with a mother.

    By the way, why is the focus off of ME? Isn't this MY blog? MH, get with the program.


  32. Emily is not the sweet southern belle that she portrays. She has dated a number of the drivers and has been around the block.
    That being said, she is way too good for Womack. He is just a little too rough around the edge for her. He needs a biker chick to put him in his place.

  33. How about ... "Some Guy and Emily: After After the Final Rose."

    I'm still laughing at the image of Trista, Ryan, Jason, Molly, Ali and Roberto lining up behind Flatley O'Harrison and breaking out into a step-dancing routine. And Chantal "was “confident” about a marriage proposal after she kissed Brad’s blarney stone in the Fantasy Tree House all night." Ha!!
    I kissed the (real) blarney stone on my honeymoon. Actually kinda frightening since the locals hang you upside down out of the top of a hole in the castle to do so. It's safe, and they're holding onto you so you don't bust through the precarious looking metal guard and fall to your death. Then, of course, somebody at the pub that evening will tell you the big rumor that teenagers go in and pee on it at night. Since I was a late-in-the-day-kisser, I'm sure all the pee had been kissed off by the early-rising tourists. Actually, I was more concerned about the germs of the other tourists than the local myth!
    As far as Brad's anger issues, the fact that his family warned her about his temper so soon into the relationship -- I shook my head and said, "That's going to end soon!" Hopefully, she'll get settled into what I'm told is a wonderful city over there in Austin, realize Brad is a Jake, and she's all yours, DP!
    Looking forward to Post Season blogs. Slainte!

  34. Sorry for not paying more attention to you,
    DP. I guess I poked the bear and did not even mean to.


  35. I can just see Emily's face when hubby Brad tells her that she will be working in one of his bars and that she should wear the white (faded light blue) shorts while working.

  36. It is puzzling as to why Em would go on this show. I wonder if the Hendricks have shut off the gravy train, because she is screwing around with all those NASCAR drivers. Maybe she sees Brad as a money tree.

  37. As long as Emily is the mother of Ricky Hendrick's child, I do not foresee his multimillionaire parents shutting her off because to do so would be to shut off their only grandchild from their deceased son.

    Emily was 24 years old at the time. Maybe the opportunity came to her and she just wanted to have fun. Not outside the realm of possibility for someone in their early to mid 20s. Her mother was willing to watch her child so why not? Did she expect to fall in love? I highly doubt it, but I'm sure she figured it would be a fun adventure and maybe open doors to other opportunities in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, it opened the door to Brad's wallet...and heart, of course. Even if her relationship doesn't work out, she got trips around the world and a plethora of expensive gifts from her sheepish, smitten, semi-philandering new boo. #Winning.

  38. DP, tell us as a man, would it be hard to turn down Chantal in the fantasy suite even if you were in love with Emily?
    Not that Brad was ever appealing in any way...

  39. Womack is no doubt mad that Em is not putting out to him at age 24 when she put out to Hendricks at age 17.

  40. Chantal is so much hotter than Emily! Brad would be a fool not to bang Chantal.

  41. Latest news, Emily is getting cold feet for the relationship. Smart girl. Brad is showering her with expensive gifts trying to buy her.
    Emily, do not stay with Brad!

  42. So now Em is getting a condo in Austin. She is not ready to fully commit to Brad, so she is open to you. Go for it!

  43. I like this episode more than the previous 'cause I don't know looks like more entertain and interesting. Thanks for share this with all the community.