Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yes, DP is Still Here.

Hello, Readers.  It's been way too long.  I suppose it's alright to admit that my own case of Writer's Block is somewhat responsible for my absence; however, it would be more accurate to blame plain ole life too.  

At any rate, I'm certain that I miss you more than you miss me.  I'm committed to getting a new post off the ground this coming week.  I look forward to hearing from every single one of you when I do.  

Thanks, as always, for your patience, patronage, and support.  



  1. I was beginning to worry about you but thought maybe being a newlywed might have played a part in your lack of interest in us!

  2. As I said, it's not a lack of interest but a lack of time--not due to my recent nuptials--due to my "real" job. It's been unbearable lately. I'm looking forward to getting back into the blog. Thanks for responding. DP

  3. So glad to hear you are back!!!
    Tiffany from Beaverton