Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off Season Post 24: DP IS LATE!

Hello, Readers.  Welcome back to what now amounts to an post for the week.  I've been traveling for work more than Jack Kerouac and I've scarcely had a moment to sit down and type.  Right now, I'm looking out of the window of my plush room at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center in lovely Lubbock, Texas.  

I'm sorry to say that I've got to rush out and meet some clients for dinner after working in town all day combing through documents.  It's back on the plane tomorrow morning and I'll make a quick run through Dallas before returning home, repacking, and heading to the flat state of Kansas next week.  I'll TRY my best to post on my regular Tuesday post.  

In the meantime, I'll entertain you with a couple seasonal jokes to get you in the Halloween spirit. Here goes. 

Did you hear about the two gay ghosts? 

They gave each other the willies. 


How do you get a witch pregnant? 

You f*ck her.  

Thank you, folks.  I'll be here all week.  Incidentally, that last joke works with pilgrims, elves, cupids, leprechauns, and whatever mythical creature happens to be seasonally appropriate.  You're welcome.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  DP


  1. You're stopping in Dallas and not having a meet & greet?? Oh well...maybe next time. :o)

    Safe travels!!


  2. I hate Halloween but loved your ghost joke. You are hilarious!

    I hope you continue to travel safely. I look forward to your next post!

    Denise in Alabama

  3. BAHAHAHAHA! I can't wait to share the witch joke!!! Thanks DP!

    Stacey in FL

  4. Good jokes, I'll have try them on my friends. Safe travels.

  5. Nice :) good luck on the travels! It might be winter in Austin whenever you return!

  6. I don't get the witch joke. Ditto on the safe travels!

  7. jokes are good, laughter is always a good thing. Maybe that could be a blog, the medicine of laughter.... Thanks for taking the time from your very busy schedule to post, we are reading.

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